Hurricane Sandy


      Hurricane season is here with the first major storm coming our way, Hurricane Sandy. I never really get worked up like some people do about hurricanes and I guess its because, I have never really experience a bad one. I work at Walmart and people were in there buying tons of water and batteries to the point that we started to sell out. People were really acting like the Zombie Apocalypse is coming tomorrow. Bloomsburg and Kutztown University canceled Monday and Tuesday classes. I do understand that some hurricanes are very severe and that regardless everyone should take caution.


      But why is it that The Penn State University, will not ever cancel classes. I feel like it's going to take one of the Cata buses to tip over and someone to be severely hurt for classes to be canceled.

      While again, I understand the caution that should be taken during hurricane season, I cant help but notice that the media hypes all these storms up and nothing never really happens, but some power outages and heavy rain. Hurricane Katrina definitely did set the example that every storm should be taken seriously though, so I guess its better to hype the storm up for nothing to happen, than to barely mention the storm and the whole world gets wiped out.

      What do you think of the media coverage of hurricanes? Are you getting prepared? 

I also want to raise the question of the reporters and camera people that standout in these storms just to get the story. I think its so funny that the reporter in the yellow is talking about how wet it is as he is standing in the middle of the ocean -___-

      How do you feel about reporters that sensibly risk their  lives just to get the news out?



I think that in terms of science, it's necessary for researchers to take safety risks. In terms of this hurricane, if reporters never went out into the dangerous zones, how would citizens be aware of the conditions? Imagine if you were a scientist and wanted to conduct a study to see whether or not certain chemicals had an effect on the growth of rats or not. If you never actually injected the rats with the chemicals and only predicted or observed from a far, how could you get an accurate result? Risks in science don't just pertain to physical risks. They also involve taking ideological risks. How could science keep improving if no one tried new and scary things? Going down an unfamiliar path is the key to success! It brings new ideas and findings that help progress society.

Our school just canceled classes today,and no CATA buses or severe injuries due to commute were reported.A well-reputed scientific research school,Penn State has kept close eyes on Hurricane Sandy.As early as a few days ago,some Penn State campuses have closed for precautions and our conscientious school officials have updated the newest status of the hurricane in an impressively punctual manner.For a school with the size of University Park,a huge amount of logistical and academic situations have to been considered before making the suspension of classes.A sudden halt of school operation to many students can be hoorayed as a windfall,but there are many personnels on campus who perform crucial maintainance job on a daily basis.A stoppage of school schedule will obviously disrupt their plans if the decision COULD HAVE BEEN avoided.

I think journalists who stand at the forefront of the dramatic natural disaster should not be discredited of being prententiously brave or professionally thirsty for news coverage.They know the position they are taking.If those who have conquered towering snow mountains are entitled with heros,journalists are surely shy of their courage compared to mountain climbers.It is out of a genuine passion of journalism that they decided to face off urgent situations which matter to the public,meanwhile also capturing a legion of precious live images/videos for scientific studies.

I think it is very interesting that you say this. I was saying last night that I think media hypes up all of the storms. I do know however in my town in New York, they got hit hard and a lot of trees were down and power lines and a lot of people still have no power. I do think it is a good thing that media builds up these storms because without their warning, there could be many more deaths and injuries and damages. The title of this article was very interesting to me because it is titled "tracking the social media storm" I think after a while it does become the social media's storm. Your perception on the storm is very funny. Do you think the media's coverage of these storms like hurricane sandy help us or scare us more?

I want to thank everyone for commenting and since all of you had such good opinions, I want to respond! I am all for the advancement of science. I just don’t believe people should risk their lives to do it. I am thankful for all the good journalists that keep me informed and enlighten about the things that are going on. I am a print journalism major so by no way did I mean to discredit them, but you have to be smart when you’re a journalist and measure the risk as in any profession. We need good journalist that can give balance stories and get accurate information. I feel like this generation is really going to miss out on that because now it’s all about being the first to report.

I am happy Penn State canceled classes for the first time in four years I believe, to bad it turned out to be unnecessary, while in my freshman year I remember walking to classes in blizzards.

Again, I am happy that we live in a world were we have the technology to know when things like hurricanes are going to happen and people can take the proper precautions. I still think the media sucks dry every newsmaker story. I want to be kept informed but I don’t want people dying for that.

Its just like the people that were told to evacuate and didn’t. The emergence responders have to now risk their lives to go save them, when they were told to leave. I don’t think that is right in anyway. But thank all of you for your opinions!

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