Humor in the classroom

If you have not noticed yet Mr. Read uses humor in our classroom. I think this is a very good technique because not only does it keep you interested in the topic at hand it, but it keeps you form dozing off on a topic you may not have thought would have been interesting. While reading an article that Colorado State University wrote they use humor as a way to get people enticed into the beginning of a topic. For example when one begins a speech about a topic that may not be the most interesting thing in the world starting off with a joke rather than a statistic may get more people to pay attention to your speech right off the bat.

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During the summer in my English 15 class my teacher, David Spielman, actually explained his teaching method to our class and hearing how he keep the class interested was actually a very true method. He said that when teaching english many people doze off into whatever they are doing thats more interesting whether it be day dreaming or your computer. He said that once he see's eyes wonder and people not paying as much attention as he want he will crack a joke about what he is teaching that the students will understand. For example while talking about the subject of public speaking he could make a joke about the Willard Preacher that may get people interested again. The fact that we were all brand new freshman and had just started college was definitely helping us stay on task at the beginning of the class, but as class went one sometimes people would become lazier. He would then give us fun activities to help us learn so that we not only come to class, but get to leave the room during class to go find something that could relate back to our class. We left class about four times during the summer session and it really was a fun experience. It kept the entire class engaged and on their feet. Not only did we get to relate what we were learning back to our class, but we also got to spend time in the library so we knew it a little better when we come back to school for the fall semester. I personally would say that the humor did help me learn because I saw it first hand and got a good grade at the end of the semester.

While my personal experience may not be enough to prove that humor is stimulating. I did a little more reading. While reading an article about childhood development, humor and laughter seemed to be very stimulating to a developing child. There were a few aspects that it helped in the long run intellectual development, social development, emotional development, and your body and soul. Intellectually humor and language connect easily in your brain. Socially you will be more accepting and understanding to find new friends and get outside of your comfort zone. Emotionally you will be happier because humor and laughter give you emotional stability. Lastly, Laughter for your body and soul help you keep a healthy life in general and actually fight off some illnesses. For example if you have a positive attitude about your illness you are more likely to recover faster.

Humor not only is a good teaching tool, but a healthy way to live your life. So while some teachers humor in class may be cheesy or outdated think back on how healthy it is for ytou to keep a positive mind and image in your head.

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