How do you drop in a curve to strike A-Rod out?


Well first I would like to start off by saying you don't have to do much to strike A-Rod out right now but if we take it back to his doping days in 2003 you might need a pretty good curveball. So I'm going to go through the physics of a good curveball. The first and maybe most important thing is the grip. Some people may argue that the rotation is more important but with out the grip spinning the ball will not cause that same curve that you are looking for to strike a batter out. This is just because all you have to do to spin the ball correctly is snap your wrist downward when releasing the ball. All this does is give the ball top spin. But because of the shape of the ball and finger positioning the ball will curve. Now I will attempt to give a scientific explanation of why this is. Air resistance is the explanation of why the ball curves. The ball is moving towards the batter causing resistance under the ball. All of this is happening while the ball is spinning with top spin. This means the ball is spinning in the direction of the batter. All this is happening with the laces of the baseball spinning in a diagonal direction with the air pressure against the seams causing the ball to move down and to the right or left depending on if a right or left handed pitcher threw it. I found that the average Major League pitcher can break their curve off 10 inches both vertically and horizontally. According to the source above that would mean using pythagorean theorem the baseball breaks 14 inches from where it began. To answer my question I started off with one can probably cut that in half to 7 inches and still strike out Alex Rodriguez. Good thing he didn't start last night against Justin Verlander because he has one of the best curves in the business. 


Interesting to see someone write a blog on a curveball. I myself being a baseball player would honestly wait for curveballs, I loved hitting them. No other like the Major League curveball which is often said to be "un-hittable". I have always heard though it isn't so much in the grip, but in the snap of your elbow and/or wrist. I personally was never a pitcher but have heard this from various players.

As a Mets fan, I loved every single time AROD struck out! I was never a baseball player but I would sometimes have a toss around with my dad or friends. I could never throw a curveball because I couldn't get the grip down right. MLB pitchers can throw ridiculous curvebals that are very deceiving to the hitter. Sometimes it looks like it is going to hit the batter but ends up right down the middle of the plate. A prime example of this is Barry Zito. Here is a youtube video to watch him in action.

If you watched the video, you can see ridiculous top spin that leaves professional athletes in awe as well as the spectators. To be able to throw a curveball is a true science and if you can do it effectively, you can make the big bucks

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