How Do I Stop Hiccuping?!

The worst feeling is when you're in a quiet room, either taking a test, writing notes, or even on a date when all of a sudden you -hiccup-!

The small little gasp of air you breathe in and squeak out is somewhat of an embarrassing moment, especially when it is unexpected. 

According to eMedicineHealth, hiccups are "sudden, involuntary contractions of the diaphragm muscle." Since it keeps contracting, the opening between the vocal cords closes to check the inflow of air and that's what makes the hiccup sound. 

I haven't gotten hiccups in a while and they're a random fear -- it freaks me out when I make a squeaking hiccuping noise that I can't control! 

My mom always told me that I got the hiccups from eating or drinking too fast; this causes a person to swallow too much air with their food, causing hiccups.

Interestingly, when this happens, it is because the stomach becomes stretched because of the sudden large intake of food or drink; this is also thought to be one of the body's reflexes to stop us from choking.

It can also come from emotional stress or excitement, which explains why many people suddenly get hiccups before a speech or something like that.

Other serious, rarer causes of hiccups include strokes, brain tumors, or meningitis.

How do you get rid of hiccups?

There's a bunch of tricks to get rid of them: hold your breath for 10 seconds, drink a glass of water without inhaling through your nose, say "pink elephants" three times (...I don't understand this one...), have someone scare you, or pressing your tongue on the roof of your mouth.

I have tried most of these tricks, however the only one that has seemed to work is the water one. For me, getting scared makes me hiccup even more! Some people believe that asking random questions or saying random things (hence, the "pink elephants") distracts the person  enough to let the diaphragm relax.

Getting the hiccups is not strange, but it's always funny to get them! And now you know how to get rid of them, there's no need to fear the squeak!


I find this blog very interesting. It is another one of those things that happens multiple times throughout someones life and few people think much about the science behind it. I've always found that scaring my friends seems to work the best, but when I was researching this article and the reasoning behind it I found a scary example, but yet a good explanation of Hiccup scare

I found this post to be very fascinating. The main reason I get hiccups is from laughter. I have never really gotten them before from being nervous or maybe I just didn't know that it was my nerves. What I found works best for me is holding my breathe. What I don't understand is long term hiccuping and how some people are more prone to it. I found this article on a girl who has been hiccuping for 3 weeks straight!

Hope you enjoy!

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