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As I sat in front of my laptop deciding what to blog on I got a headache, and it hit me, what causes headaches? After doing some research I learned that there are actually different types of headaches. Theres tension headaches, migrane, sinus, cluster and so on.

So what causes them? Well on Medlineplus I read that the tension headaches, which are the most common headaches, are caused by tight muscels in your shoulders, neck, scalp, and jaw. This is the type of headache I am probably suffering from now. In class Mr. Read said he does not turn to things like advil or asprin. So it led me to question, are there benifits to not using pain killers? I learned that the under treatment of a primary headache, tension headache, could lead to chronic headaches, which are more severe.


At the same time, the over use of pain killers can lead to rebound headaches which, as described in the health guide in the New York Times, are headaches that keep coming back. While reading this article I learned that sitting in a certain position for too long, typing and computer work are all ways to encounter a tension headache.

In the end, do not over use pain killers, after a while they will not work as well. Remember that the over use of headache medicine can actually lead to you getting daily chronic headaches. So there are a number of things you can do to try and prevent headaches such as working on your posture while reading and typing, keep warm if the headache is associated with cold, and maybe try Mr. Read's method and not turn to pain killers, it could be the use of them causing your headaches.






Headaches were always a mystery to me and I didn't know that there were different types of them. I know growing up my mom wouldn't give me anything to treat my headache for fear that my body would become immune to the treatment. I guess she was right. I've found the best way for me to get rid of a headache is to sleep it off. But I've done some research and found that usually people with headaches find it hard to sleep at night, and take a nap during the day which effects their sleep cycle http://headaches.about.com/b/2009/03/11/sleeping-it-off-is-it-such-a-good-idea.htm

Your blog really helps me a lot..Headache is my old friend, and I will get a headache at any time and situation. For example, I will get it one day before rainy, or just after crying so much. From your blog,I learned that there are actually different types of headaches.As you mentioned, tension headaches, migrane, sinus, cluster. And the severe one, chronic headaches.When talked about the cause of the headache, I thought "sitting in a certain position for too long, typing and computer work" may be a important reason for me to catch the pain.. And actually, I always use medicine when I get the unbearable headaches, the way that you said that is a totally a bad method. And I also read an article about headache, said that ,"to break this poor sleep cycle headache sufferers should look for other ways to treat tension headaches or prevent headaches all together. This, of course, is the difficult part, but for now eliminating insomnia seems to be one of the most important tasks to undertake. "
More info here: www.medicinenet.com/headache/article.htm

This is actually really helpful, as now I am sure that most of my headaches are tension headaches and I never know what to do about them. You mentioned other types of headaches(sinus, cluster, migrane) maybe you could make a series of blogs elaborating and talking about those (like, what is a cluster headache?). Also, can a tension headache, or any of them for that matter, eventually lead to a migrane?

I may now look to cut back on jumping straight to the painkillers now when I get headaches! I used to not take anything for my headaches until about a year ago, but for now I can't say whether or not I seem to headaches more often since I started taking them.

I too have suffered from headaches for an extended period of time. I have personally experienced the different types of headaches and have learned to differentiate between them based on their "location." I have found though, that Advil or generic ibuprofen does seem to relieve my headaches, some better than others. For whatever reason, I feel a sense of relief as soon as I pop one of these pills. I never thought much of it because it always provided the relief I needed but now I'm starting to wonder whether I am taking it too much. At the same time, they say that taking something like ibuprofen results in a loss of effectiveness and the pills still seem to be working for me. Does this mean it's all in my head? I'll have to do my research. Thanks for the great starting point!

This blog made me think of something my parents always used to tell me: that if you stare at a screen to long (for example, watching TV or being on the computer), it will cause you to get a headache. I wondered if that was really a valid claim, and it turns out that there is some truth in these claims. I found this article that states three ways staring at a screen for too long can affect your eyes, two of which result in headaches. One, it can cause tension headaches due to extremely high contrast. Reading dark print on an extremely bright background can lead to spasms of muscles at the temples, which causes tension headaches. Two, it can lead to eye strain. When you look at a computer screen, the eyes converge in order to adjust sight. Doing this for hours can also cause headaches.
So yeah, next time you get a headache I guess it is good to avoid watching TV or using the computer to much!

I have also been a chronic sufferer (2-3 times per week) of many different types of headaches and up until recently, I used ibuprofen to help relieve them. Although, I continued to hear more and more about how ibuprofen can be harmful if used too often. I even started to see a trend in which this over the counter medicine continuously failed to provide relief, so I cut back on my use. My major concern was that if used too often, which I am sure I was doing since I suffered from headaches a few days a week, that serious stomach problems could occur. The related issues are found in this article but they can range anywhere from heartburn to internal bleeding. Its scary to think that I have taken this medicine for so long and so often not knowing the side effects it may cause. I can understand why Professor Read would say he steers clear of over the counter medications for headaches.

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