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A few classes ago, Andrew talked about what happens when science is done wrong. I was especially shocked to find that such a well-known doctor, Dr. Spock, had skipped the scientific method, and gave anecdotes without well tested proof. 
Although death is a bit of a harsh punishment, there are a bit of misconceptions that people, especially doctors and nutritionists have been passing down, that lead to simply discomfort.  There is no harm necessarily related to a lot of things people thought to be true, which later scientific research showed to be false.  Since no one actually knows where these myths originated, I'd like to input my own "scientific guess."
No, we don't only use 10% of our brain Live Science did an article on myths that even doctors believe, and this was one that has been brain-orgasm-glow.jpgrecently disparaged. Neurological scans of the brains while thinking shows that the brain lights up completely during the thought process, albeit different part.
  • Some say originated in the 1900s.  I would have to agree because the ideals of Romanticism started here about, which was basically the idea that the artists should strive for the impossible to create their perfect art.  Some parts of the ancient Greek philosophical ideas which had the individual strive to reach their full potential can be seen. If only 10% is used, there is a lot of room for growth.


No, 8 cups of water will keep the doctor away.  An article by Nutrition News Daily relate surprise_water_final.pngresearch showing that the body doesn't actually need that much water a day.  Keeping the body hydrated is important, but 8 cups is overdoing it.  Also, you don't have to drink JUST water, anything without caffeine and containing water base would suffice.  Juices, milk, lettuce, carrots, etc.

  • Possibly again in the 1900, when nutritionists were trying to seem like they have a breakthrough.  I also believe this is greatly related to the fact that when a person has a urinal tract infection (UTI), it is recommended, and often the only solution, is to drink a lot of water to relieve the bladder.  In theory, if you drank more than your share of water, then you will never suffer from a UTI again.

Those are only 2 relatively recently disproved beliefs held by doctors, and their patients alike.  It's very easy to defend something when it sounds so logical, but in fact our intuition is LOUSY.

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THANK YOU for posting about this! I have always heard to drink 8 cups of water a day, but more recently I have heard to drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces, and THEN I heard to drink your whole body weight in ounces. Honestly, I cannot imagine drinking this much water a day..I feel like I would either drown myself or never get off the toilet. Thanks for the info that anything water based will suffice - I feel a little healthier now.

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