got your 8 glasses of water today?


Have your 8 glasses of water a day...?





















l  Headache

l  Dark colored urines

l  Lack of energy

l  Feeling lightheaded


                  This is a simple checklist to determine hydration on a person's body. If you are dehydrated, get yourself a cup of water first! On average, a person loses 2.5 liters of water a day. He or she normally gains a liter from food intake. Then, 0.3 liters are replaced by the chemical reactions in cells (NHS Choices). Then we are left with 1.2 liters of water to replace. Water, milk and fruits are the most nutritious way to gain those amounts back. There is a saying; "8 by 8" among people about recommended amount of water per day. However, it depends on an individual's condition. There is no fixed number for us.


fn7_waterinbody.jpg  (Mayo Clinic)


                Soft drinks are not the best choice to hydrate your body. Mostly, those drinks are saturated with sugars, corn syrups, and low in nutrition like Vitamins and others. Also, energy drinks are high in caffeine which may be causing harmful effects on pregnant women and children.

                  However one may intake too much water and result in "Hyponatremia". In order to keep our blood at best condition, sodium is required in certain level. Sodium regulates the amount of water in the blood. If one drinks too much water, often happens to marathon runners, water level increases to the point where the cells get swollen. This may cause abnormal results that can be minor or severe (Mayo Clinic staff).

                  After finishing my research, I took a glass of water just to see if my headache was from dehydration or not. Then I got an idea which may sounds preposterous; Since our body can store fat in our cells, can we store water in cells too (not in liquid form though)? It will be much more beneficial to store water instead of fat. Then, there would be no obesity too! I have not thought about any other consequences though.




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Good old water! It's apparent that water is healthy for you and very well recommended to maintain a better lifestyle. We are often told that we need to drink lots of water. 8 glasses seems adequate and is probably why I have been feeling the symptoms you have described in your post. But i've wonder about drinking too much water. Not drinking lots of water is bad, but what are your thoughts on drinking too much water?

When I was younger and I was told I had to drink 8 glasses of water a day I thought that was absurd. Now however, I understand that you can provide your body with water in other ways, without just flat out drinking it.

I thought Hyponatremia was an interesting concept to mention as well because you would think that water is one of the most healthiest things you can put in your body. (It is), but even too much water can be bad for you !

After doing some research into what other beneficial effects water has on the body, I found one that really interested me in this article by Dr. Murad: He claims that water is vital for the entire health of the body and that drinking 6, 8 or 12 glasses a day could result in acne-free skin. He claims that it's not necessarily the amount of water you drink, it's the water you keep in the cells that is important in order to keep skin clear and healthy. However, he claims the best way to keep skin clear is to hydrate the skin from the inside out with topical treatments for the outside and water for the inside. His products for the skin care line Murad include ingredients such as essential fatty acid, and glucosamine, which maintain cell hydration internally and also hydrate the skin topically. Do you think drinking water has a positive effect on the skin?

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