Febreze, a college students best friend?

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With all of us being in college and living on our own for the first time in our lives, keeping things in order may be a struggle for some. One challenge for some (predominately in boys) is keeping your room smelling fresh and clean. Like I said being on your own for the first time, it's a struggle without mom and dad there to pick it up for you or yell at you to do so. Being the college student you are and being so smart you then probably spray half a can of Febreze in your room thinking the problem is then solved. In reality, does Febreze really solve the problem in eliminating all odors?th.jpeg

 According to consumer reports.org a study was done on random people being blindfolded taken into a room with multiple odors in it that happened to be sprayed with Febreze. Many stated that it was "very springtimey" or "some sort of forest thing going on". Many were appalled when they removed their blindfolds to see such things as a dead goat or a very sweaty man. They test the word of Febreze, thinking it would eliminate all odors by doing exactly what the spray says to do. The bottom line of the study is meant to tell people to not leave food out, take out the trash, and more directed at us, clean your room. Although the product does hide some of the odor, it does not cover it all like the ads say. After certain sprays the blindfolded people even claimed they "wanted to throw up" or it smelled like "old garbage". All in all what we all should take front his study is keep your room clean. Picture your parents screaming in your ear to do so. Keep your room smelling fresh and not like the inside of a boys locker room. Now we all know, our old buddy Febreze can only do so much before only we can stop the madness!
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I've often found that Febreze covers the odor for a short amount of time, but it doesn't really get rid of it. It offers a fresh, pleasant smell for a little bit, but the stench you are attempting to hide comes back soon enough. I have Febreze in my room, Sugar and Spice. It smells ridiculously good, like a mini bakery. Sometimes, I spray it just for the fun of it so that I can enjoy a nice smell. But it doesn't stick around and it certainly doesn't eliminate whatever stench I try to cover. If sprayed multiple times in a row, the smell of Febreze can also be highly overwhelming. I know it does not always happen to me, but others get light headed by an overpowering spray. It works the same with perfume and cologne. There have also been many worries about possible side effects for animals (http://birdiepets.org/exotic-pet-birds/febreeze-a-hazard-146264.html). At home, we have used Febreze and it doesn't seem to bother my dog at all. I found some people who said Febreze causes an allergic reaction, but there hasn't been any solid proof of it. Finally, and I think it goes without saying, Febreze doesn't make things smell so good that you put them up to your face and sniff, like in the Febreze commercials. That being said, I will still use Fabreze in my room because, well, I definitely need it once in a while.

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