If you worked your entire life to be the best at something, and had the opprutunity to change the world, would you? If you could set a world record would you? 

Would you be willing to die if things wouldn't go right?

Felix Baumgartner was willing to. He had such a high chance of dying during his endevours on October 14th, 2012.

As I'm sure you have all heard, Baumgartener an Australian daredevil, made the highest and fastest jump in the history, to an altitude of 128,100 feet, and reaching a maximum speed of 833.9 miles per hour.

Engineers in the operation considered aborting the mission when Baumgartener's face-plate began fogging on the way up, but he insisted on continuing  and even made plans for doing the jump blind.

A second crisis occurred in the jump when he began spinning out of control in the thin air of the stratosphere. As the atmosphere thickened, he managed to stop the spin and fall smoothly until he opened his parachute about a mile above from ground in the New Mexico desert. 

As strange as it is, one of the hardest things that Baumgartner said he had to deal with was the fact that he would be enclosed with a heavy suit and glass helmet. The man parachutes from space, but yet his biggest fear is claustrophobia? The man is fearless, how is he afraid of anything!

Here is a video recap of the whole mission!


The New York Times different pictures and videos of the flight and landing! 


That's pretty incredible! What do you think inspired him to take on this type of endeavor? Why do you think he was able to survive such a jump? Often times as things fall back into orbit, they tend to catch on fire. Why do you think he didn't? Also, how do you think he was able to withstand such pressure at 833.9 MPH without exploding or being severely injured?

Okay, okay here's my issue with this guy. By no means would I have the guts to jump from over 128,000 feet, but outside of being mildly insane, how much skill did it really take? Could sky dive instructors have done what he did? I understand that he must've had to do some serious training, pass tests, and figure out exactly how the process would go, but could any person with a sky diving background and half brain do exactly what he did?

This is pretty amazing. It took five years to develop and test this jump, it is definitely not something you can just do at any given day. There are a lot of factors involved like the weather, science and the technology. I wondered how they chose who to make this jump but im guessing no one other than Felix offered to. For those five years, I am sure he was very well trained and went through all the different scenerios on what to do if something went wrong. I wonder how many things could have gone wrong? What was the probablity that this jump would be successful? I wonder how it felt to fall for that long at that speed? Is it similar to any other feeling like a rollercoaster? Or is it a feeling unlike any other?

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