Dying From laughing?



So recently I was watching a show called 1000 ways to die. On one of the episodes i was shocked to see that laughing was a way you can die. Now its been many of times where I been laughing uncontrollable and said that I almost died from laughing but I was never serious. So I say why not do some research and find out if this was true or not. Afterall I do laugh 50% of my day away.

Well according to Harvard neurologist professor, Dr. Martin Samuels, extreme excitement can put our heart at risk just like extreme bad news. "Both sadness or happiness trigger the part of the brain that's responsible for the flight or fight response to threats in the wild which releases a natural chemical -- adrenaline -- which in large animals can be toxic to various organs, in particular the heart."

Also according to Dr. Kristie Leong a condition called laughter-induced syncope causes a person to black out when laughing uncontrollable. When a person laughs too hard it can be difficult to take a deep breath which causes a drop in blood pressure and a decrease in the amount of oxygen that reaches the brain. This eventually can lead to fainting. However, this isn't usually life threatening, but there's the risk of injury during the faint. Fainting and sustaining a hard bump to the head could be fatal. 

Although Laughter-induced syncope is very rare it is still possible to obtain from laughing to hard. Strong emotional states such as laughing is very harmful to the heart. So tell me have you ever felt like you were going to blackout from laughing so hard? If so how did you feel after?  Are you more careful when it comes to laughing?



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This subject is very interesting. It seems like everything these days is going to kill you somehow. In this article by Isnare located below, in summary it says that laughing is known to be a cure to mental problems and depression. However, it can also kill you by raising you blood pressure very high while laughing then once you stop it cuts down suddenly causing a cut of oxygen to the brain. For those who are that unfortunate, this can cause sudden death. It is peculiar to think that even the happiest of actions, laughing, can even cause death.


I found this to be very interesting and a tad weird too. Who knew something as simple as laughing could result in fainting. This post had made me think, what is laughter really? Did you know that "laughter consists of two parts -- a set of gestures and the production of a sound."It's actually really interesting how it works and you wouldn't expect it because it's something that we do every day. I found this article that completely explains what laughing really is. Hope you like it!


I hope I die from laughing! Why suffer a heart attack, extreme, illness, or painful accident when you could die from hearing the funniest thing you have ever heard? Sometimes when laughing uncontrollably I feel my chest tighten and find it hard to breath. This normally settles me back down.. BUT if I were to continue, I feel like I probably would pass out. A close friend of mine has spats he likes to call "mental breakdowns" where he would laugh, flop around, and make noises uncontrollably... very odd I must say, but never did I feel his health was in danger.. If this is true it is definitely one of the most obscure deaths. Up there with drowning in beer, or drinking too much carrot juice (both of which have actually killed people).

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