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       Food. We all love it, whether it be healthy or not food is good. The good news is that there are some delicious foods/snacks that can boost our energy level and moods! Scientists have shown that when you change your diet to foods that are healthier to eat then your metabolism and brain chemistry change as well. This essentially affects your energy leve and boosts your mood more often. What are these foods? Well, they very from sweet to salty but here are some that you could try:

Apples & Peanut Butter

"Smart Carbs" (avoid sweets, stick with grains)

Cashews, almonds, & hazelnuts

Lean meat (skinless chicken and turkey, lean pork, & lean beef)


Leafy Greens

Fiber (beans and fruit)


FRESH produce

Coffee & Tea

Dark chocolate

   Those are just some of the many foods that can boost your energy level and mood. But there are also some specific "steps" that you should follow in order for all of this to work. A major step that a lot of people do not do when they are trying to be healthy is eat breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day and it gets your day started out right. Studies have shown that people who eat breakfast every morning have a better mood throughout the day. (now we know why you are always grouchy). The next step to making this idea work is having frequent meals; this means eat small meals and snacks every 3-4 hours of the day. This is better than eating just a few large meals. And finally, exercise. Even just a 15 minute walk can boost your energy and mood! So try this if you are sluggish throughout the day, it just might work!!!!


I'm glad to know that i've been eating many "happy" foods. All of these foods are healthy which is why I eat them. I also exercise regularly and would say I'm a happy person. These tactics seem like natural ways to boost your mood. However, I want to know if these natural ingredients will make everyone happy. I am generally a happy person, so it's hard to tell if these tactics are determining my happiness. Have people who are depressed or suffer with other mental illnesses tried eating healthy and exercising regularly? I know that people who suffer with mental illness are sometimes given medicine to regulate their moods. Are the chemicals in the medicines essentially a higher dose of the chemicals in the foods you listed?

You covered all of my favorite food items in the list! I'm a healthy eater, and I enjoy all of those. I decided to look more into two of my favorites and the benefits they can have!

I LOVE salmon - I even eat the salmon that the Findlay Commmons buffet occaisionally serves. I've known for a long time that salmon is rich in Omega-3 fatty acid. This healthy type of fat is necessary for a healthy metabolism! What's important about these Omega-3's is that our body can't produce them on their own, so salmon's large amount of Omega-3 fatty acids are extremely beneficial to our metabolic health. This website also listed several other health benefits of salmon - some of them relating back to the Omega-3s. According to the article, the Omega-3s the salmon contains also prevents moisture from escaping the skin, therefore leading to a smoother complexion.

Another one of my favorites, dark chocolate, is proven to be great for your heart! A 2-3 times a week intake of dark chocolate can lower blood pressure and prevent the formation of blood clots! This article on WebMd explains that the reason dark chocolate is more healthful than milk chocolate is because the addition of milk absorbs a quantity of the antioxidant ingredients found in chocolate. The antioxidant ingredient in this dark chocolate are called cocoa phenols to be exact!

Thank you for posting this, it got me interested in why two of my favorite foods are so beneficial to my health.

Check out this article from this past July that lists 7 foods that we think of as healthy that actually aren't!

your blog here is very interesting. The one thing that i find specifically interesting is the fact that most of these foods are all completely different and from different groups within the food pyramid. I think that scientists could use a variety of these foods to perform tests on weight loss or gain. I would like to see scientists use these foods for experiments in a variety of ways. What happens when you do exercise while only eating these compared to few or none of these foods. What happens if you only eat these foods and do not exercise. or what can even happen when you just exercise and eat whatever you please. I think that you could do some follow up research and see if any of these tests have been done. It would be a very interesting follow up blog topic that i would enjoy

I have always heard that certain foods, like brighter colors, can help with your mood. Do you think that foods are a factor by themselves? Have there been any studies that show a strong correlation between exercise and the "happy" foods? I wrote a blog earlier about exercise that had a study done to show how it helps with stress.

Over the summer, I became a pescatarian, meaning I only ate fish and no meat. I found myself eating salmon multiple times a week, along with tilapia. I also ate fresh lettuce, fruit, and drank a lot of water. I felt so much healthier; i had a lot more energy and lost weight without even really trying. Back at school, it is SO much harder to maintain this diet. Your blog is informative and interesting, but I think it's important to note that this can be difficult when we live in such an isolated college town. Our dining commons are known to have a variety of options though, I found websites like college prowler which rates several universities dining options awarded PSU and A-. Not bad, but I think it can be difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle in college.

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