Don't Worry--Chocolate is NOT the Reason


     Every time my mom and I go to the movies she always gets peanut mnm's 


(her favorite candy).  And every time she always gets a zit on her nose within the next few days.  She thinks that whenever she eats chocolate

, she gets a zit no matter what.  I am an avid chocolate eater but I do not get zits just as much as she does so that makes me question the theory that chocolate gives you zits.  So does it?


    First off, a man, Michael, devoted himself to becoming a chocoholic for a week, for science of course.    Before he began, he saw a dermatologist who told him acne is due to a few things:

     1)  Your genetics--what sort of skin your born with and how it functions

     2)  The hormones--which are basically predominately testosterone, which makes your skin increase its oil production.  It tends to make you produce sticky oil that gets blocked in the pores and therefore causes pimples.

     Before Michael could begin, a test was taken by Dr. Gavin Greenoak, who runs a phtobiology facility at The University of Sydney to check the sebum level of his skin.  If you have clear skin, you will typically record a sebum reading around 200mg per square centimeter of skin.  However, someone with pimply skin is more likely to spike the chart with a reading in excess of 300mg.  Michael's face was averaged to a sebum level of 178 mg per centimeter of skin, which is quite normal. 

     After a week of indulging on chocolates, Michael returns to Dr. Greenoak who runs the same test as before.  He scores an average sebum reading of 131mg--much lower than last week and proof that eating chocolate won't cause breakouts.  Further research has not identified any components of chocolate that can either trigger acne or make existing acne worse. 

     So in conclusion, if you like chocolate, you can eat it and not worry about it harming your skin.  However, while it's great that chocolate doesn't give you pimples or cause acne, that's not to say that diet can't have an effect on skin, particularly if you're lazy about eating healthy.  Oh and now I can prove my mom wrong that it must be something else besides the chocolate giving her zits.  Any ideas on what that could be? 



This was a good topic for a blog because many people blame their skin for their awful breakouts and/or random pimples. I always thought that the food you ate had something to do with but with the information from your blog and what I further researched myself, I found that's obviously not true! According to About Acne , skin care experts say that acne is not caused my any type of specific food such as french fries, candy, soda, potato chips, and even what you wrote about, chocolate. I feel like that the idea of chocolate causing acne is a huge acne myth that has never been really cleared up. I looked up other common acne myths that myself, and I'm sure along with others, seem to think so too:
- Acne is caused by not cleansing your skin: acne is absolutely not caused by a lack of hygiene. Acne is a disorder of the hair follicle, where excess skin cells, bacteria, and oil become trapped.
- You can catch acne from someone else: false! In no way is acne contagious. You could not "catch" acne by shaking hands, touching, or even kissing someone with acne.
- Masturbation or having sex can cause acne: this may just be an idea parents use to try and persuade their kids to not have sex but it no way is this even remotely true!

I found the title of this article a little hard to believe- it seems logical that sweets would lead to acne. But after reading the entire post, I'm relieved to see that chocolate is not a direct cause of acne. I think maybe we associate some foods with acne because we eat unhealthy foods when we're stressed, and stress does cause acne. I was curious to see what foods or behaviors actually do cause acne. Michele Bender wrote an article titled "10 Surprising Foods that Cause Acne" on A few that I found especially interesting were hair styling products, diet in general (A small 2008 Australian study found that carbohydrates with a high-glycemic index (for example, soda, sugary snacks and junk food) increased the development and severity of breakouts.), and skin care products themselves. The last one surprised me the most, so I read a little more into it. Apparently, if you use too many different products at one time, this will actually cause acne. So pick one, stick to it, and you should have much less acne. Does anybody else have experience with a specific food or behavior that you think causes acne?

I have always heard that certain eating habits can cause acne breakouts and I have always believed it. I have never changed my eating habits because of it, but I always found it strange that food could cause acne. Its nice to know that eating chocolate does not cause breakouts, but do you know of any foods that are proved to cause breakouts? Or better yet, do you know of any food that could potentially prevent a breakout?

Jason, there are foods that cause acne. Check out this website because it gives some food and the reasons behind why they may cause acne. There are no foods that can prevent a breakout but there are ways to keep your skin healthy. Drinking lots of water, washing your face twice a day, eating healthy/keeping a healthy lifestyle, and not touching your face. Jason, I hope this helped a little bit.

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