Do Not Fear Her "Time of the Month"


Everyone knows how the joke goes.  Once a woman gets her period at some point in the month, she mysteriously turns from nice and agreeable to a hostile rage monster that wants to kill you if you look at her the wrong way.  The public perceives this  "transformation" to be Premenstrual Syndrome, or PMS. 

            However, a study released this week puts the existence of PMS into question.  Looking at the situation through Andrew's "Null/Alternate hypothesis" method, the alternate hypothesis is that the menstrual cycle, particularly the pre-period stage, is responsible for a woman's suddenly bad attitude.  The null hypothesis is that it doesn't cause any change in behavior.

            Scientists conducted 47 different studies where they measured the moods of women during different parts of the menstrual cycle.  Only 15% of these studies had women report that they actually had PMS, or were in a bad mood during the presumptive part of the cycle.  If anything, 9% of women from the study said they were in the worst mood while not in a premenstrual phase.  85% of the studies did not find any PMS behavior, half of them completely disconnecting any correlations between the cycle and moods in the first place. 

With that said, PMS does not exist.  So why do so many people think that it does?  Did they just assume that the cramps experienced during the period cause the irritability? If so, then the public only relied on correlation, which is not always the best indicator of the truth.  Do you think it still exists?  Why or why not?


First of all, I find it quite humorous that a guy would choose to blog on periods. So that's cool I guess.
Second of all, I am questioning the validity of this article. Speaking from personal experience, I've always found that PMS does, in fact, exist. I have not only experienced it with myself, but I'm sure many other girls would agree with me. While it's true that not ALL girls experience PMS, I know that many girls get super emotional and moody while on their periods. So quite frankly, I think that saying PMS does not exist at all is a load of crap. Ask any girl, and I'm sure most would agree with me.

From personal experience, I have to disagree. These strange feelings we get at the same time every month is not all in our heads and definitely not just coincidence. How can this conclusion be that PMS does not exist when in fact results showed some of the women experienced it. Every girl experiences "PMS" differently. Some are extremely miserable, while others dont experience it at all. Why? I have no idea but that would be something to look into.

I agree. PMS definately does exist, I just think it varies when girls experience it or if they do at all. I live in a house with two sisters and my mom, and some weeks all of us can be incredibly moody. If you need someone who has witnessed this first hand, just ask my dad. He lives with four women who can seem a little crazy when it comes close to that time. I am not saying that guys should fear girls when they are on their periods, but girls definately become more sensitive and easily angered during this time. However, I do agree that some girls do not go through PMS for some reason, but it seems that most of the girls I know struggle with this problem once a month.

Like the three comments above mine, I too agree that PMS exists. There's just no way to be able to write off that weird cravings, horrible, horrible cramps, mood swings, and the dreaded bloat are just all in our heads. Also, some girls do not turn into "hostile rage monsters," and are very good at hiding their PMS symptoms.

I think that it does exist. My friends and family can attest to this fact. However, every girl reacts to PMS differently. There's even a worse form of PMS out there, called PMDD (premenstrual dysmorphic disorder). Perhaps this is what you are alluding to? I have seen studies where psychologists, researchers, and physicians are trying to figure out if this worse form of PMS exists. It's just another one of life's mysteries, much like how guys can't really seem to figure out the mystery of girls!

As a girl, I surprisingly never understood why all of my "girlfriends" in high school and college would repeatedly say how they were "PMSing" and were grumpy and irritable because of it. I never noticed this change in myself and personally, I thought from time to time that something was wrong. I can see why some women may not be in the best of moods during their time of the month, considering many women experience cramps and bloating which can be very uncomfortable. Although, I think that many women think themselves into these PMS moods. It is so common to hear about and who doesn't want a week every month where they can have a justified reason to be a grump. Overall, considering the study, I farther believe that the effects of a effect of a women's period does not cause PMS. It seems to be more of a psychological issue rather than a natural response.

As a guy, I agree with you're article and think that all the women above are crazy. Just kidding, but some of it could be the placebo affect. Similar to drinking, I feel like sometimes when people drink they just use it as an excuse to act stupid in public or say stupid things to people or just be honest and use your drunkeness as an excuse, while actually being in complete control. I know I've done that! Maybe occasionally women use their PMS as an excuse to act bitchy. To everyone this offends, I'm just kidding, to all of those this doesn't offend, I'm not kidding.

I am a girl and I don’t think that I have ever experienced PMS per se but I definitely get irritable when my period comes on. I don’t mean to get gross but seen you blogged about it I feel free go there. I also think PMS has to do with how much blood you lose while your on your period because it adds to the irritability. Every girl loses different amount of blood and some periods last longer than others. I think it would be interesting to add those factors in PMS and see if there is a correlation between length and heaviness of a period and reports of PMS. I really don’t like the fact that PMS has become a way of expressing that women are weak and can’t control their emotions. Cramps are painful and while we are losing blood we are also losing iron, which is essentially to life and your body temperature. So regardless of whether people believe PMS is real, people should just respect that fact that having a period is not pleasant.

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