Did curiosity really kill the cat??

What makes us so curious to find out why things work? Well while watching an interview of Tiffany Shlain, she explains that when things are discovered people do not say Eureka! they usually say well isn't that interesting? That is your curiosity at work. When things happen in your life that you do not understand. That makes you curious. When you can not figure out a solution to a problem. That makes you curious. So why are we always curious?
I believe that the fact of not knowing how something works or why something is the way it is kills people. Just like it killed the cat. They want to know everything and make sure that things are always in place like they should be. While reading I came across the statement that humans are inquisitive and because of that we always want answers. One of the biggest questions of all time that our inquisitive nature has been dealing with is, Is our Universe al that is out there? Many people struggle with this question because they only wish they could know the answer to put themselves at ease, but for now it still remains unanswered.

If you think about it school is a method of learning all the questions you may be curious about. You go into college wondering what you want to do with your life and your curiosity drives you to decide the path you take for your future. That could be why people find getting an education so fulfilling.

I can honestly say that even I have been the person who wanted to know the answer to everything, especially when it came to studying for a test. I wanted to know everything and anything that would be on it so I could master the materials. While thinking about test, maybe the reason why people want to always know everything is so they do not personally feel that they are failures in anyway. Everyone hates the feeling of failing and the thought of not knowing something everyone else knows could kill many people.

That all being said did curiosity kill the cat or did the thought of failure and not knowing  something kill the cat? May be both killed the cat, but we will never really know will we? What is your opinion?


Hey Kelsey,
I do think you raked your brains out when writing this article.Well,are you curious about what happens when you not writing blogs at all in SC200?Yeah,most probably fail!Andrew didn't even bother to show the result of not blogging,because he expected us to know the patent importance of blogging being a major part of our contribution.From my point of will,curiosity only stands on a relative ground.When a new concept is proposed,our curiosity could be the main factor for us to react to it.But as we get some more information of the concept,our curiosity goes away,like in this case,after we learned that blogs account for 40 per cent of our grade,nobody stays curious of testing out the math.Curiosity does kill,but human's discretion at most times could be lifesavers.

I found this short blurb on why we enjoy finding solutions. Ironically, it notes that the field of curiosity and it's actual biological mechanism lacks people with the curiosity to do research on it. However, in their observational study, learning the answer to a problem activates pleasure centers in the brain. The idea that curiosity kills could be related to how we find danger rewarding sometimes, as both activate the release of the same chemical, dopamine. I do agree with you that it is an interesting field of research, and it's a shame there isn't more information on it.

This is a very interesting blog post. After reading it, it obviously made me curious as to why humans are always searching for answers. Why do we always need to know more? Before I actually researched this, I assumed that the reason humans are always wondering about things is simply because we always want to make ourselves better. People seem to wonder the answer to EVERYTHING, no matter how difficult or farfetched the question may be. So, I researched this and found out a pretty good answer. The link to the article I'm referring to basically says that the reason humans are always curious is that our curiosity is built on the assumption that the universe we live in is predictable. This so-called predicability that we live in is the drive that makes every human seem that there is an attainable answer to every scenario out there. I'm not quite sure that I agree with this, but it is a fairly good suggestion to your tricky question that every one of us is always wondering.


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