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           Have you ever had "déjà vu"? It is a sensation of having a strong feeling that you have already experienced or seen the current situation that is new to you. I experience déjà vu quite often throughout the days. However, it happens randomly and sometimes they are insignificant incidents. I feel that I have dreamt it before, not seen it in my real life. Usually it is a scene that captures one moment.


           There are several theories about the sensation. Some scientists argue that it is an error during the process in the memory system of our brains. They say humans' memory is a process of reconstruction of cues rather than pulling a certain file from a stored deck. They suggest people do not reserve a fixed, coded scenes in our brains. Rather, when people "remember" something means, they are recalling last reconstruction with the cues. As a result, when a person encounters a situation with similar "cues", his brain will find the best match with the recognized signs. Then, the brain may signal the feeling of "already seen/known".





         Another theory is based on the idea of Imbalanced chemical in our brains. Once Scientists had an experimental study on mice. Mice's brains were conditioned with imbalanced chemical and "They eventually concluded that it was in fact caused by a chemical imbalance. In their human studies, they were able to locate individuals who experienced dejavu quite often, some individuals reported experiencing dejavu hundreds of times a day. Brain scans showed these individuals to have damaged amygdala's" (Vassen).


           Including Ian Stevenson, some parapsychologists suggest an interesting assumption based on "reincarnation". Thus, it may happen when a person live his second or "x" round of life. Reincarnation is when a person born again after his death. If the time is linear, I guess this theory may not work. I got to wonder, that most of my déjà vu experiences are based on my current life, then does that mean I am reincarnated as myself once again? Living the exact same way I did last time?


           Which explanation do you prefer for your own déjà vu? Would it be just an error on our complex brain system? Or, is it a flashback of your past life?



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From what I know, I don't believe I have ever experienced Dejavu. I can definitely see the idea of it being a flashback of our past lives. That begs the question, do we actually have multiple lives? Also, do we end up living the same exact life as the previous except as a different person?
Could it also be that our minds work in a parallel universe? When we dream, we are transported to a different life in which we have vague understanding of? All these are possibilities that are as unexplainable as the De Ja Vu Phenomenon.

At the same time can it be pure coincidence? Sure the odds of matching an event in our dreams with something that happened is astronomical, but it's a possibly. Or maybe we have more senses than we think we do? The ability to predict. Maybe it's a sense we have, but we can't seem to control as it only happens in our dreams. Maybe we will one day find out how to use that willingly?

Hi Ga,
I've experienced deja vu myself a few times and it does always seem weird to me that I can't remember why I feel like I've experienced that action or place before. I did find an article though that seemed to somewhat support the theory you mentioned of an error during the process of memory. However, you explain more that the brain remembers different cues, whereas this article explains more that there are different parts of our brain for the past, present, and future. It explains that maybe deja vu happens because what your brain is taking in at the moment sends the signal to the part of the brain that controls the past instead of the part of the brain that controls the future, and that's why we believe to have already been there or done that.


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