Coke or Diet Coke?

As I was thinking about potential topics to write about for my next blog post, I got a sudden thirst for a nice, cold soda. I got up and saw in my refrigerator that my roommate had boughten a six pack of Coca-Cola, and a six pack of Diet Coke. Personally, I never liked the taste of diet sodas, so I decided to settle with a regular Coke. Right there, I wondered something that seems very obvious, but apparently is not- Are diet sodas really better for you than regular sodas? Well, I did some research, and found out that, obviously, sodas are not very good for you at all. According to this article, sodas can increase your chances of getting metabolic syndrome, which is a combination of high blood pressure, sugar, and cholesterol, and increase obesity. Diet sodas do have less calories than regular sodas, but the total sugar input still remains unhealthy.The artificial sweeteners actually can make you gain weight. Another article I found on a men's health website conducted an experiment to help figure out the rumor of diet sodas. The study brought it two groups of people- diet soda drinkers and non-diet soda drinkers. Both groups included individuals who drank soda regularly and people who did not drink soda at all. It was not shocking that all members' waists grew over the nine and a half year study, but what was shocking was that the diet-soda drinkers' waists were FIVE TIMES greater the circumference of the non-diet soda drinkers. How could this be possible? The scientists could not conclude that diet soda makes you fatter, but they had some ideas, including the artificial sweetener theory form above.Maybe it is biological or maybe the diet-soda drinkers were just out-right eating unhealthier then the others. No one knows why it happened, but every one can come to the same conclusion- Soda does not need to be dranken. Personally, I love having a good soda here and there, but could never get addicted to having it on a daily basis. So, what do you guys think? Would you choose diet coke or regular coke? Do you buy the theories that diet coke makes you gain weight? Other facts on the matter would be appreciated.



Personally, I choose diet soda and I have not experienced weight gain due to diet Coke, but I have heard there are still health risks from diet sodas. Some studies argue that diet sodas are a factor in the causation of cancer because of its ingredient called aspartame. Others say it is not aspartame that causes cancer, but the coloring agent and the cans the sodas are in. The "caramel coloring" put in diet coke and pepsi have shown a rise in cancer rates, and had been banned by the FDA.
Personally, I'd still drink a diet soda every now and then, and I'd advise that as long as you don't go overboard, it's alright to indulge. There haven't an overwhelming number of reports saying that sodas cause cancer, so it's still questionable.

I have also heard that certain ingredients in diet sodas are thought to have some correlation with cancer. In addition to that, after search online i found this which goes into detail about the risks of heart-attacks and stroke and stroke for people who drink diet soda. But this article focuses on diet soda versus no soda at all. Obviously it is more beneficial to not drink soda at all, but most people like to occasionally indulge. The article references no difference between diet and non-diet soda in health risks. There are definitely a lot of 3rd variables at work concerning this issue: exercise and overall diet immediately coming to my mind. Also, consider the new New York commission to limit the size of soda drinks given out at restaurants and food establishments.. there was such an out roar concerning this, are people seriously addicted to their extra large soda? That's another problem entirely.

I had a friend who constantly drank diet coke with the consistent belief that it was much better for him, regardless of what he was told by anyone else. I personally believe that sodas with artificial sweeteners in them are worse, mainly because artificial sweeteners are commonly known to cause a variety of health issues. According to this article artificial sweeteners can cause anything from headaches to cancer. So, maybe it is better we stay away from diet sodas. Actually, it is probably better we stay away from sodas all together as much as we can.

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