Chocolate Milk Vs. Supplements

Since I have started going to the gym I have noticed people with all different kinds of mixtures that look as if they should be in a chem lab. I feel almost out of place drinking just water at the gym. I had  talked with my neighbor who has tons of different workout supplements about what they are all for. It turned into a conversation that appeared as if it would never end. I went online and did some research and found that many people think that chocolate milk is just as helpful.

Milk has some great vitamins and minerals in it that help can make it a great post workout drink. One thing that chocolate milk has that surprised me was a good thing was calories, but fir those who want to put on muscle calories are one of the most important things. However a downside of chocolate milk is that it has 5g of fat, 3 of which are saturated fat. This is makes the calories that you want from a post workout drink mostly from fat. By putting fat into your body the workout is not nearly as effective. Probably the most important part of a post workout is protein since this what a muscles use to grow. Chocolate milk has just 8g of protein in a serving.

The comparison between chocolate milk and a protein supplement are not even close. A protein supplement is high in calories, but low in fat with just one gram in whey protein. It also has 24grams of protein. Just so everyone knows there are various kinds of protein shakes, but for this writing the facts are based off of whey protein (which to me seems the most common).

I will say that there are some downsides to taking a protein supplement. There are some shakes that have been found to have toxins such as lead, arsenic, cadmium, and mercury. One of the worst offenders of this is Muscle Milk Chocolate Powder. If you take the normal serving of it, these harmful metals are not that dangerous, but if you take to much that is when you can get into harmful levels.

My final verdict on this debate is if you are trying to get huge take the protein supplements, since that are engineered to get you more muscle, just do not take more than recommended. If you are just working out to get in shape I would recommend drinking chocolate milk since it is natural and safe, and tastes a lot better.  


I think that one of the coolest things that you can do now is buy protein powder that will specifically be for your body. Protein powder and supplements have become increasingly popular over the past few years. Now there are a variety of types. I know you can get stuff that is low calorie or high calorie. Some are cheap, others are fairly expensive. You can also choose a powder that may have more or less protein and vitamins. It all depends what you want, and what you think will be best for your body. The question i have though is how do you think all of these different powders really affect your body? I wonder if these different powders or even types of milk really have drastically different effects depending upon your body type. I think it would be cool to see a follow up blog that details this, and if there really is a difference in powders.

I thought this article was interesting becasue I too have noticed a protein concoction attached to the hands of many boys at the gym. When I reasearched further, I found that it's not always neccesary to drink protein while exercising, but more so when you're finished excercising . Also, since the body metabolises protein very slowly, drinking protein during and after a workout might be useless because much of the protein would go to waste. Chocolate milk sounds like a cheap and easy alternative for college students!

I've heard this debate go on between boys before and I've always wondered whether or not the protein shakes are necessary. I'm a natural-food kind of person, so i've never been a big supporter of supplements. The more natural (in this case the chocolate milk), the better. Rebecca made a good comment that eating protein AFTER a workout is the most important. This helps rebuild the muscles faster and keep your metabolism up. After I workout in the morning I always have greek yogurt which contains up to 14g of protein! I'm no body builder and definitely not trying to bulk up- but I know it's important to keep protein in your diet.
Another important thing to keep in mind regarding food and fitness is the time that you eat. This article in Shape Magazine mentions the importance of eating post workout because your body uses those calories for repair and recovery versus fat storage. Based on what everyone on this blog has been saying, and the information you mentioned in your post, I think we can agree that eating post workout, and eating more protein is the best option out there!

I feel as if this was a really good topic to blog about just because I completely agree with you. When walking in on the gym, you immediately spot tons of people walking around with mixed drinks and substances in order to either get them more energy to work out or actually build muscle mass. However, I feel like protein powders are not necessarily at all in order to help build muscle. A better way for your body is just to do it all naturally.
After researching further about protein supplements, I came across a website that had the same opinion as mine. According to Natural Bias , "It defies common sense to think that a processed powder can be anywhere near as beneficial to health or muscle growth as the foods that we spent millions of years adapting to. As humans, we’re privileged to have an amazing amount of intelligence, but as a society, we need to be more cautious about the naivety of thinking that we can outsmart nature." Protein powder and all these unnatural supplements have not been a part of our evolution, therefore proving from history that is not necessary to take these. It also states that protein powder is made from pasteurized dairy, which means the extreme temperatures of of pasteurization has destroyed much of its nutritional benefit. Overall, my findings showed that protein supplements are not as beneficial as people think they are.
Although you did write about drinking chocolate milk instead, I feel as if having a healthy, normal diet is one's best alternative to building muscle and staying in shape.

I have tried a lot of those supplements before and they always end up just upsetting my stomach. I used to take a pre-work out before the gym and it would get my face and arms tingly. Sometimes it was just the extra motivation I needed to go to the gym and I soon needed to take it to go to the gym. When I started working this summer, I needed to get up early so taking a pre-workout would have kept my up all night so I went back to lifting without one. My body got used to lifting without one again and now looking back, I do not think I could take a pre-work out again. In regards to protein, it would usually fill me up and i would skip a meal. That kind of defused the purpose of taking one so I changed to a glass of milk and that pretty much had the same results.

This was an interesting blog topic and I am glad I could relate to it. Some people at the gym are on a boat load of supplements and it definitely could be detrimental to the body. Is it worth it?

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