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I am definitely a man who appreciates the little things in life. Rachel also mentioned blogging about sleep in class today. Probably one of my favorite things ever to experience is climbing into bed right after I have put freshly laundered sheets on it. I thought that this was just an luxury that I experienced mostly for my own enjoyment and general hygeiene. But, after reading this you may want to wash and change yours sheets a little more often than you intially thought.

There have been polls of the public to survey how fresh sheets can affect how well you sleep during the night.  A hefty majority of those people said that sleeping on clean sheets and pillowcases helped them sleep and get more comfortable as they are falling asleep.

Even though we try not to be, we are disgusting creatures while we sleep. Sheets accumulate drool, oils from your skin, bacteria from dead skin cells, dried sweat, and smells the longer you go without changing them. This is why sheets feel heavier after they are soiled. Sheets even trap in your personal "scent" that can make falling into bed feel a bit... "blah". The scent of fresh sheets is whithout question relaxing, therefore relaxing your muscles and helping you to fall asleep more easily. So if you want to avoid sleeping in your own filth, you should probably put a clean set of sheets on your bed at least once every two weeks, if not more often. ...I'm definitely going to change mind today.

Other tips for creating better sleeping habits: Cool sleeping environment, dark room, go to bed around the same time every night, go to bed as soon as you are become tired, try to get at least 6 hours of sleep nightly, find a sleeping position that you enjoy the most.


This actually makes a lot of sense. I wonder if it has some mental impact on us though, like we are more excited to climb into a cleaner bed and feel like lightness of our freshly washed sheets? I, too, enjoy this and it makes sense that it would improve our sleep quality. While looking up further information on this I was having trouble finding more articles like the one you referenced, but I learned another negative of sleeping on dirty sheets: acne. We all hate it, and this , among a few other beauty website articles I found references the possibility of dirty sheets causing or worsening acne. In college, I seriously have become a pro at putting off doing my laundry, but I will definitely be washing my sheets tonight.

When I first saw the title of your post I thought it was going to do with bed bugs..until I read more into it. When you really think about it; bed sheets can actually be absolutely disgusting. I looked into this a little more and found a couple of disturbing facts about our place of sleep. It is a proven fact that your mattress gains weight over a time period due to the absorption of dead skin, oil, moisture, and grossly enough dust mites (which feed on dead skin). So not only should we be changing our sheets frequently, but we should also be changing our mattresses once every 2 years.

To be honest, I had never thought about dirty sheets causing or worsening acne. I'm glad you found that because I've had some trouble getting rid of acne. It definitely makes sense because of the things that soiled sheets collect, but it never occurred to me before. There is still hope! Now.. I'll have to remember to change my sheets at least once a week and force my self to physically do it.

According to Discover Health, you can shed up to 40,000 skin cells per hour! So if you sleep for 8 hours you lose about 320,000 skin cells! In one year you will shed about 8 pounds of skin cells. I wanted to figure out about how many skin cells you could be sleeping in, after a few calculations, if you sleep 8 hours a day, on average it will take about 137 nights to shed a pound of skin. That's about 20 weeks. If you wash your sheets about once a month (a lot for a college kid), by the time you wash them you are rolling around in about a 1/4 pound of dead skin a night! 1/4 pound of your own dead flesh is sitting on your bed waiting for you every night, marinating all day, waiting for you to take the plunge and cover yourself in your dead particles. That is absolutely discusting. If that doesnt make you want to change your sheets, I do not know what will.

Here is the Discovery Health website that I got my information from, check it out.(

Hey Alex! I really like your post because this article really relates to my friend! He JUST BOUGHT HIS BED SHEET LAST WEEK. Ew. I know right! I have no clue how could he possibly be "okay" to sleep on a blank bed since the beginning of this semester. Thinking about all the germs and bacterias make me feel gross. People DON'T intend to wash their sheets that often when doing laundry. However, I do wash my bed sheet every week (even though I never read an article discussing about this topic, and now I'm so glad I did). On the other hand, my grandparents do concern about the quality of the bed sheet itself. Not only how comfortable the sheet provides but also, how the good quality bed sheets can (at least) prevent us from bed bugs bite as well. Yes, I do agree with you in terms of hygienic and general health concerns, we should wash our sheets often!

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