Can you clean a sponge?


We now know that sponges may contain harmful bacteria, which not only make them unsanitary but potential dangerous to out health. But is it possible to ride a sponge of such bacteria? and what is the best way to potentially clean a homes sponges.


According to Web MD the best way to decrease ones risk of food Bourne illness in relation to sponges is to sanitize them. One of most popular methods of sanitization is microwaving . According to web md  microwaving a wet sponge for 2 minutes will elimate 99% of bacteria including ecoli.

Caution! if  you are trying this at home make sure that your sponge is wet! A dry sponge in he microwave may spark a fire! 

If mico-waving sponges is the best way to kill the germs that live in the many crevices, is possible that there is certain amount of time a sponge may need to be mico-waved inorder to kill the most harmful germs? In my research I found the answer to be yes, different lengths of time in the microwave resulted in different amounts of germs being killed.

In 2007 The New York Times piece ran warning that some bacteria is killed within the first 15 seconds of being micowaved  but inorder to ensue that ecoli bacteria is killed you must microwave for  at least 30 seconds, if not the baceria may survive the microwave process

Other methods of sanizing sponges include a bleach soak. Goodhouse keeping claimed that "a five minute soak in a solution of ¾ cup of bleach and one gallon of water elinmated 99.9% of bacteria in their sponge. Other less effective methods that good housekeeping tested included an ammonia soak, cleaning with a washing machine, and a vinegar soak."


Now that we know that are sponges are able to be sanitized, how often is sanitization appropriate? And after washing the dishes with the new ly sanitized sponge, will the dish towel keep them just as clean?



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