Boeing Tests a Missile That Knocks Out a Building's Power


If there is such thing as a "good" missile, this one from Boeing might be the closest thing we have come to it.  Instead of building a destructive missile, Boeing built a more productive and ethical missile.  Remember, use productive in context here.  This missile knocks out the power in a building, effectively crippling the enemy without causing any collateral damage.


Boeing's engineers tested this missile last week.  CHAMP - Counter-electronics High-powered Advanced Missile project was tested on building in the Utah desert.  The missile flies over buildings releasing microwaves to shut down the power.  The T.V. cameras set up to record the tests were knocked out too.


What makes the missile so appealing is it makes battles less messy by focusing on the electronic component instead of the human part.


"This technology marks a new era in modern-day warfare," said Keith Coleman, CHAMP program manager for Boeing Phantom Works. "In the near future, this technology may be used to render an enemy's electronic and data systems useless even before the first troops or aircraft arrive."


This could lead towards a way of solving the ethical issue behind drone strikes.  The CHAMP may also save the lives of American soldiers.  If they can clear the power of a building before entering, they have the advantage.  With night vision optics and other technologies in their arsenal, this could be the advantage needed to save a life.  The only issue is knocking out the power of other buildings.  If cameras filming the missile lost power, I'm sure other buildings will lose power.  The loss of power is much more acceptable than the loss of civilian lives from a drone strike.


Seeing Boeing in the title of this blog is what caught my eye. My brother works for Boeing and helps build helicopters. He told me about this new missile while I was at his house over the weekend. The way that technology is advancing is simply amazing! Being able to avoid taking lives is one of the best things technology has to show for. If this is in our near future, it makes me wonder what future generations are going to be like.

I can see some good and bad coming from this, obviously the military would not intend to use resources like this while they have other resources that are vulnerable to it within the missile's effective range. But there are problems that go along with that, like the fact that any other operation within range would have to shut down before hand - meaning all of those people would know ahead of time that (at the very least) something big was going on. Also, a lot of the enemies we are fighting don't have the advanced technology that this missile is designed to fight against, so in those instances, it isn't really helpful... for those enemies that this technology would be helpful against, there is the risk that the enemy gets their hands on the technology, the fact that using the technology would violate some major international treaties, and also that (at least at this stage) it is not possible to control what, within the target radius, is effected... so if we are clearing buildings on the ground, all of our own equipment would be wiped out too.
I am not saying the technology is not cool, it certainly is. I am just saying that I think it will be some time before we figure out the best way to utilize it.
This article even points that this may never be used for defense.

Jessica, technology never ceases to amaze me and this is a perfect example. You never know what the great minds in this world can come up with. I am all about anything that can spare lives, so if this even can save one life I think it is a great idea.

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