Bad Breath!!! No Bueno!!!


It is has been brought to my attention that 3p.m is the time of the day you are more likely to get bad breath. It always amazing me when people's breath smells bad and they don't know it. I feel like you have to know that your breath is not fresh.  I have decided to look up what foods are the ones that are most likely to cause bad breath or help fight bad breath.

       "A recent study found that a serving of yogurt each day reduces the level of odor-causing hydrogen sulfide in the mouth. Apparently it also cuts back on bacteria in the mouth, plaque and gum disease were reduced in the study's yogurt eaters as well." (Healthyliving) Also, high fiber vegetables are key in fighting halitosis. 

Other than the obvious reasons like smoking and chewing tobacco the main ingredients that causes bad breath is food that contains a lot of sugar. The sugar gives a food source to the bacteria that are already in your mouth. A lot people chew gum to help with bad breath but if the gum that you are chewing has a lot of sugar in it, it may end up doing more harm than good. The best thing to do is rinse after eating sugary foods.

Also, acidic foods cause bad breath because bacteria thrives in that environment too. Foods like eggs, beef, lemons and oranges have a lot of acid in them so be cautious where your going after you eat them.

Anything that is going to make your mouth dry is going to damage your breath. A dry mouth will not have has much oxygen that kills bacteria. The two main things that cause bad breath are alcohol and smoking. Foods that are sticky also cause bad breath, like spinach, mangos, caramel and popcorn.

I just honestly want people to be careful with what they eat especially when you know you have to be around a lot of people. It's just common courtesy to keep your breath and hygiene in order to help create a comfortable environment.

Do you know of any other ways to keep your breath fresh? I know I only talked about yogurt and vegetables and what not to eat.


Here is a clip that is kind of funny and creative.


I love yogurt, so that is good news for me! From the time we brush our teeth in the morning till the time we go to bed at night, our mouths intake a lot. However, I am surprised to hear that foods with a lot of sugar cause the breath to smell most; I would have expected it to be more substantial meals like main courses with meats, starches, etc. What is the one food that people tell others not to eat if they are planning on kissing anyone that night? ONIONS! They can really make your breath stink…
Personally, I love onions, so it is such a shame that they create such a strong odor in your mouth. For those of you who love onions too, don’t stop eating them just because of your breath! They are extremely health for you.

According to Fit Sugar , onions are packed with polyphenols; which boost your immune system, fight tumors, protect the cardiovascular system, and keep hormones balanced. Red onions in particular contain the biggest amount of polyphenols; however every onion is still filled with these invisible nutrients. According to a study done by Cornell University, onions can even help reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Bet you did not know all that!

Fox News also says that onions can reduce food-borne illnesses that could be contracted while eating certain foods. So next time you decide to cook something that might have bacteria in it, such as meats, throw in a chopped onion in there! Besides the fact that onions are a great ingredient to sauté with meat. But, do not peel too much of the onion because apparently the most outer layers of the onion contains the most nutrients.

An example was given with French people. Despite the high amounts of saturated fat in their diets, a very low number of French people suffer from coronary heart disease among other diseases. Apparently, almost every French recipe contains onions. There is speculation of a correlation between eating onions and the health of the French people. But in my opinion, there are many confounding variables in this hypothesis, so I am a bit doubtful it could actually be proven. Of course, these observations are not claiming onions are a cure; they simply claim that onions can play a great role in reducing risk of certain health problems.

People do not give much credit to onions, probably because of the foul smell they hold. Or the fact that you start tearing up when you cut them, which could actually be another interesting blog post.
But remember, an onion a day will keep the doctor away!

I found this article particularly interesting because it is information that I can use in my life. I remember that when I was a freshmen and sophomore in high school my breath used to smell! After that, it didn't smell nearly as bad. It must have been because I started working out and eating healthier as I got older.
Also I read in an online article that cinnamon based gum, such as Big Red, cures bad breath the best.

One of the main bad breath fiends that I have always heard people talking about is coffee. I decided to look up why exactly that is, and instead found the complete opposite of what I was expecting. This CNN article talks about a study done by researchers at Tel Aviv University in Israel that found that coffee may actually improve bad breath! They found that there are certain components in coffee that lead to bad breath, and that the reason people may have bad breath after drinking coffee is not because of the coffee itself, but the caffeine in the coffee, which has a drying effect on the mouth (Just as you said in your blog). I guess you learn something new every day!

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