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As I was walking home today with my friend, she kept complaining about how freezing it was outside.  I figured she was just being dramatic because I was barely even that cold, but when I looked at her she was shivering and her teeth were chattering!  This made me wonder why she was sooo cold and I was perfectly comfortable, even though we were in the same exact place (same temperature) and both had on similar clothing.  We are also about the same height and weight, so I couldn't figure out why she was so much colder.  Apparently, even bodies of the same height and weight can differ in the ability to maintain body temperature.  Some people's bodies are just more efficient than others.  Human body temperature is "a measure of the body's ability to keep, generate, or get rid of heat as the need arises."  So, I guess my body has a better ability to keep heat and keep me warm!  I also learned about thermal comfort.  This is a person's preferred room temperature.  It was really interesting to find out that thermal comfort is psychological as well as physical.  Of course, clothing and activity level play big factors too.  In the article I read, a good example was given.  If an adult is skiing down a mountain with a child on their back and the child is layered in warm clothes, when they get to the bottom of the mountain, the adult may be sweating and the child may be freezing.  This is because the adult has a much higher activity level and metabolic rate than the child does.  This makes a lot of sense!  I found on a different website that how cold we feel can also be influenced by gender, fitness, age, diet, and how much sleep we have.  The gender part of this really interested me.  Apparently, women are generally colder than men because they have a more evenly distributed fat layer.  This allows them to be able to pull their blood back to their core organs.  This means that less blood flows to their hands and feet, making them feel colder.  This was a big surprise to me!  I never thought gender could influence body temperature.  So, what about you guys?  Are you generally hot or cold?




I personally don't really feel temperature change all the time. For example there will be times where it's freezing outside and I'll be hot but, will be perfectly healthy no fever. Then there will be separate times where I can go on really hot days during the summer with a hoody on or a pair of sweatpants and not even feel hot nor will I even break a sweat. Does this coincide with the whole hot cold concept that you are portraying here as well? I figure it may have to do something with body temperature regulation. Body temperature surprisingly has highs and lows throughout the day the high typically being around the end of a person's work day and lowest during our sleep cycle. How do we acquire heat? There are three major sources the metabolism, cellular respiration and activity as you mentioned. We also have cooling mechanisms such as breathing and sweating I thought it may be possible that people have different regulations during different times of the year. Hence the reason why I'm hot during winter (not needing a jacket) and cool during summer (not transitions to short clothes). I read that body temperature is related to thyroids so it may be a possibility that mine is opposite during those seasons. I wasn't able to find why my body does that, maybe you can provide some further insight? As for your friend's shivering that is a natural simulation for the body to produce heat within itself to warm up an individual.

I personally am generally colder, but I believe that is partially because of climate change. I agree with this blog post because I am freezing up here. I am from California where it is usually never below 60 degrees. My friends here all keep saying it is not cold at all and that is probably because they are more used to this weather than I am. I believe that because of my climate change from warm sunny California to Cold Rainy Pennsylvania has to do with my body adjusting to my new environment. I believe that this is true because when I first got here about a month in I began to get hives and was itchy. My mom says that I am adjusting to the knew environment and it will go away soon, she was right.Hives are common occurrences when items in your normal life changes. This happens a lot when you change detergent or perfume.

I don’t know what it is but I am always cold. My hands and feet are the coldest parts of my body, so I often wonder if there is something wrong with my blood circulation. It doesn’t matter the weather, or the temperature of the room I am in, my hands are colder than most people. The coldness of my hands don’t both me though it’s just that when I touch somebody else always they jump back and ask me why my hands are so cold. I also wonder if race as anything to do with body temperature other than just where you come from. I cant help to notice that more white and Asian people are seen showing skin in colder times than blacks and Hispanics. I find that very interesting and have heard many jokes about it. Here is a link to an abstract of an article that displays findings of a research study that studied gender and age.

I am definitely the type of person who is always cold. I am a female, so the gender difference can be a factor in my constant chilliness, but my friends who are also female are never quite as cold as I am. I always wonder why this is. I found it interesting that there can be psychological reasons why some feel colder than others. Do you know what exactly these reasons could be? I found an article that linked anxiety to the feeling of cold sensations. The article also provides an anxiety test that can be taken to see if this relates to you. The article explains how feelings of cold can actually be triggered by an anxiety issue. This is a normal biological response to the anxiety and should not cause worry. This makes me wonder what else causes this biological response to occur. Does anyone else have any ideas?

I guess I never really pay attention to the tempurature of mf my body but, I do know that I am always complaining about being hot so maybe my body temperature is always hot. After reading this blog I looked into the topic of body temperatures and I learned that your body temperature may have something to do with yourthyroid. A classic symptom of poor thyroid function is generally being too cold. One way to test if it really is your thyroid playing a role on your body temperature is to place a thermometer under your arm and record the temperature for ten days straight. If your average temperature falls between 97.8 to 98.2 degrees it is normal. Any temperature below that reflects bad thyroid conditions. It's an experiement worth trying if your someone that is always cold!

I'm usually cold. I never thought about why some people feel different in the same place. My father is the warmest person ever, he's always hot when the rest of us are comfortable or even cold. So i looked into this whole body temperature more and found that boys body temperate can even go up when they're around boys. The male hormones (especially testosterone) are converted directly to energy, which causes the male body temperature to rise. How cute, they literally get hot for girls. This process is accelerate when they see a girl. It's interesting what effect our body and how.

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