Are They Still Cheaters?

6a00d8341c730253ef0105371bb2df970b-640wi.jpgIt is a well known fact that Major League Baseball has had a huge issue with steroids. Steroids have obviously gave players huge advantage to hit the long ball. There is no doubt that the hand eye coordination and technique still have to be there but the strength can always help. Many past players and present players have used steroids. Some that you may know consist of Barry Bonds (The all-time leading home run hitter), Mark McGwire, Rafael Palmeiro, Sammy Sosa. A short list of active players you may know consist of Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz, Manny Ramirez. My question is going to be focused on those three names. The question is are they still cheaters. In other words is their past use still an advantage in the game today. I will focus mainly on A-Rod because I'm a Red Sox fan! A-Rod was found to have used steroids from 2001-2003 according to Now most people would probably say well then after that period he isn't a cheater anymore. But according to a study done by Swedish researchers stated that past users "The men who had stopped taking steroids years in the past, and who no longer even weight-trained, nonetheless had muscle fibers and nucleii comparable to athletes who were currently involved in high-intensity strength training. " I found this to be amazing personally. People who work hard and try to play fair get (excuse my vocabulary) boned because the users don't even have to work hard to gain what the non users have worked so hard for. I think this study just kind of proves that anyone who has ever injected themselves with that needle will always be a cheater. Yes, that does include one of my favorite players David Ortiz. 


Being an avid baseball fan, this topic is very interesting because it seems like we are in the "steroid age" of major league baseball. The Mitchell Report in 2005 really raised some eye brows after it revealed that hundreds of former and current pro baseball players tested positive for steroids. For your question, I think that it is going to be hard for players like Rodriguez or Bonds to get inducted into the Hall of Fame, but right now I would not call them cheaters. Yes, using steroids is unfair and gives players the upper edge, but years after using them I think we can give them a break from all the harassment. It would be nearly impossible to erase and those players statistics and some team wins because it would be unfair to the organizations who had no knowledge of the use. To summarize, I would say that the players who tested positive are not still "cheaters" and that the MLB should contiune to penalize players who fail drug tests.

While I cannot claim to be any kind of baseball aficionado (and therefore I could be wrong about anything I say about baseball), It did seem like there was a time in baseball when steroids were a very, very large topic. However, to me it seems that even though some players who used to use steroids no longer do, it had to have changed their bodies in some way, leaving them altered forever. I do agree though that it would be unfair to organizations to erase wins, but I think players that are tested positive should be considered cheaters, or it should at least be mentioned briefly when certain players are discussed.

Another interesting thing to look at would be has previous steroid use affected players in a negative way after they stop taking the steroids. When you look at A-Rod's career stats, you can see that his numbers, particularly in base running, have gone down somewhat after his supposed stopping of HGH. For example, his hits, doubles, and triples have all gone down since he has stopped the steroids. Do you think this is due to a degeneration in muscle that steroids usage can cause if steroids aren't continued? A-Rod has also had a large amount of injuries since the point of stopping HGH. Is this some sort of effect of the drug or is the simple fact that he's aging playing into this? Or perhaps both or even a third variable?

PS Go Phillies!

I am a huge baseball fan and this is always going to be a topic up for discussion. I think the players who injected themselves with any sort of performance enhancing drug is a cheater. I am a huge Yankee fan and I think players such as Alex Rodriguez and Gary Sheffield set a horrible example for aspiring athletes. I also thing karma got all of these players. David Ortiz and Alex Rodriguez are not the same players they were years ago. Could this be age? Yes, however look at Derek Jeter, most likely he did not take these performance enhancers and he is 38 years old and still doing his job well. Alex Rodriguez and David Ortiz are younger than Jeter and their statistics keep declining throughout the years. These links show statistics for
Alex Rodriguez:
David Ortiz:
Derek Jeter:
As we can see the two performance enhancer users statistics keep declining and the non performance enhancer user, Jeter, keeps staying the same or getting better with age. So after all of these stories, why would you want to risk taking these drugs?

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