Are Public Speaking courses good for our health?

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For those of you who are like me and hate public speaking it turns out that we are doing more than self-esteem damage to ourselves by getting nervous every time we have to. According to every time we have an adrenaline rush before we have to publicly speak, we strain our hearts.

Usually we hear others embrace that we ought to get better with public speaking (especially because we are in college and haven't entered the working world yet) and we agree because of how we feel about ourselves getting nervous if we have to. When we realize that we often get nervous when voicing our beliefs we view ourselves as self-conscious. Nobody wants to look at themselves this way. Because of this most likely you all told yourself that you need to find ways so that public speaking isn't so discomforting. If you did so and were successful more than likely you will have gained self-confidence. It turns out that gaining public speaking skills doesn't just boost your self-confidence though it also keeps your heart in better shape.

From experience I know that adrenaline rushes have a reputation of being a good thing. For example football players would say that "knowing that the playoffs are on the line with one win gets your adrenaline pumping". In this situation the absence of science has led a widely accepted belief to formulate; that adrenaline rushes enhance your performance. Sayings like the playoff one make you look at how adrenaline rushes are believed to be causal to a better physical performance. Based off of the article that I read though, such adrenaline is strenuous to our hearts.

As discussed in class when science doesn't happen people get hurt. Just like the situations where bloodletting was harmful, often experiencing adrenaline rushes is harmful. Now that there are ways to cure sicknesses and heal people without bloodletting, less people are being harmed. Thanks to public speaking courses existing (to help those like me who struggle with it) gradually less people will be harmed by undergoing adrenaline rushes due to public speaking. In reality it is thanks to scientific advances though because scientists took the time to study that adrenaline has this effect, and now we can be more informed about the effect that adrenaline rushes have on us.

As a communications major here at Penn State I am required to take some public speaking courses. I am not that happy about it because as I stated I dislike public speaking but I must say it is pretty cool to know that from taking those courses I will not only become more at ease while speaking in public but I will also be doing something that will benefit my health.


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I am in the same boat as you. I really don't like public speaking. I am actually really afraid of being the center of attention. I go to all my classes really early to avoid being that person who walks in late and has everyone stare at them. Likewise, I hate having to speak in front of people and have them all looking at me. This monday I actually have to give a twenty minute presentation in my first year business seminar and I have been dreading it for weeks. I wish I could get over my fear and take courses for public speaking in order to boost my confidence and be able to speak in front of people, and now I want to do it even more in order to benefit my health. I also love and hate getting adrenaline rushes at the same time. On one hand you get one because you fear what might happen next, yet it is an exhilarating feeling. I never knew that adrenaline rushes had physical effects on people, I thought they were only mental. I think it is really interesting that adrenaline rushes strain our hearts. Great topic!

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