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The thought crossed my mind when I heard about educated folks having fewer children than people who are uneducated.  I'd like to know: Are intelligent people a dying breed? And if so, is our intelligence the reason?

intellectuals.jpgView image - These graphs (provided by the U.S. Dept. of Commerce) indicate that women with a high school degree or less have relatively doubled the amount of children women with college experience or higher have. 

One report on this topic suggests that the generation is much more focused on work and less focused on having a family:

"Their extreme work schedules (nearly a third of high earning Gen Xers work 60+ hours a week), strong career ambition, the current economic challenges, as well as changing mores and life choices are all factors that contribute to their high level of childlessness compared to other generations."

The report based its findings on a study of 2,952 college educated white-collar students.

This is a trailer of Idiocracy: A movie that comically illustrates my blog's premise.

So the data seems to suggest that yes, with essentially a 2:1 ratios of births from uneducated individuals to educated individuals, smart people are diminishing.  And this could be due to the sacrifices that educated individuals make in order to achieve an education: paying off loans, dedicating time to studying and work, doing anything to fit the mold that society considers a "successful citizen".

In a separate article the author, Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa, suggests that intelligence may actually be an evolutionary disadvantage!  Dr. Kanazawa's most powerful argument, in my opinion, is that modern life requires us to solve problems that regard our well-being in society: how to excel in school, how to find jobs, how to do virtually everything on the computer.  Dr. Kanazawa suggests that the life lead by and intellectual leads to poor social skills as well as poor parenting skills because neither are the primary goal of the individual.

Dr. Kanazawa's assumption is interesting and cannot be disregarded entirely; however, I could not find much statistical information that was relevant to his claim.

im-with-stupid-final.jpgIn a thread questioning why people have children the vast majority of the posts produce a dreary undertone towards the idea of having children.  I can only speculate that these individuals possess some degree of intelligence however, please note that, they are debating and philosophizing the subject which is a common practice of intellectuals.

Throughout my research I couldn't find any evidence against the idea that intellectuals are being out-numbered by the stupid.  What do you think?

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This is a stand-up by Joe Rogan. While entertaining, he makes some good points about what would happen to average people if the "smart" people that make our goods died and stupid people reigned.

Caution: Naturally there is some offensive language in the stand-up.

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