alcohol: friend or foe?

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Drinking a friend?


Drinking a foe?


Whats the answer?

Moving to State College in August has been a big eye opener for me; a lot of heavy drinking happens. I can say first hand that when I moved here I definitely increased the amount of alcohol I consume. So much to the point where I have blacked-out, waking up incredibly confused. Drinking alcohol is a social norm during the college years. There are very few students that I have talked to that do not socially drink. Social isn't so much of a problem as heavily drinking. Just from going out on the weekends I have seen what the effects of alcohol can do to a person. Heavily drinking can lead to making bad decisions, slurring of words and inability to walk straight or even walk at all. If these side effects are things that can be seen with the naked eye, it made me curious what damage alcohol can do to the body. Doing a little bit of research I came across The Web Health Centre that listed all the damage that heavy drinking can do to the body. Not only does alcohol cause physically seen effects, but it also causes internal effects. Heavy drinking can cause damage to the heart with high blood pressure and an irregular pulse. It can cause imflammation of the pancreas and liver leading to hepatitis and cirrhosis. Heavy alcohol consumption can weaken the muscles and also weaken the nervous system leading to a numbing feeling in hands and feet. The stomach can develop ulcers and potentially lead to cancer. Even the most important of all; the brain can be damaged. Alcohol kills brain cells causing memory loss, hallucinations and confusion. If heavy drinking can lead to all of these terrible things, then why do people still partake in this type of behavior. The only conclusion I can come up with is the fact that people love to party and do not know their limits. When does the fine line get crossed between having a good time and causing damage to your body. So let me ask you again... Is drinking a friend? Or a foe? Now knowing all the damage I can do to myself by heavily drinking, I am going to certainly be more cautious. After reading this I hope you all will too!!

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I, for one, wouldn't necessarily catalogue drinking as a foe. When done responsibly, like a glass of wine, it can be enjoyable for everyone involved. What I actually find most interesting about alcohol is the ways in which it manifests itself in different people. Some people go crazy, some are angry drunks, others are sad drunks, while others are simply happy. I wonder why this is and upon doing some research, I found that the effect is part mental and part how quickly you drink and how much. Most important of all, the mood an individual is in when drinking determines how they will react whilst intoxicated. I do however, also think that it's partly due to disposition. If you think you will go crazy, it's likely you will whilst if you're looking to have a good time the effect will follow (keeping in mind the person's ability to control themselves).

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