A Miniature Bottle of Toxic Beauty

I thought about this topic.
I dreaded having to face the truth of this topic.
I Googled this topic.
And now it's time to talk.


Nail polish is NOT good for your nails.  I'm currently upset over the fact that my obsession with having colorful beautiful nails is a bad one.  Since my babysitter first painted my nails at age 5 I've always had a love for nail polish.  It probably doesn't help that I share this love with my Mom, and together we have a collection of at least 100 bottles of polish.  It's one of the first things I look at on other girls.  Whether they have acrylic nails, gel nails, real nails, chipped nails, shiny nails, long nails, short nails, etc.  Everyone has their peeve and mine is when people have awful nails.  But as it turns out, people with unpolished nails probably have much healthier nails than I do.

Google brought me to Organic Authority, a website concerned with everything being eco-friendly.  This website starts off with immediately discussing the toxic trio of chemicals in nail polish: formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phtalate.  I don't know much about these chemicals, but are any chemicals really good?  Not to mention something they note that creeps me out to no end, is that formaldehyde is used to preserve dead bodies... EW!  Recently a lot of nail polish brands have tried to remove one or two of the chemicals, but nail polish still isn't good for your nail beds.

In my opinion, power to the polish!  But what do you guys think?  Is the slight damage to your nail beds worth the beauty?  Some do say beauty is pain!


I have never questioned the toxicity of nail polish, anything that smells that strongly of chemicals can't be good to be putting on any part of your body (I still use nail polish all the time though, I can't help it!) Your blog post made me think about a tip I heard a while ago: you should never paint over your cuticles because they need to breathe. I couldn't find anything online that supported this claim, but I did find out that a lot of nail hardeners-which are supposed to strengthen your nails-actually weaken them in the long run because they contain formaldehyde! Here's the article.

I've never really though about the harmful effects of nail polish. I have heard, though, that you aren't supposed to wear any nail polish while pregnant. According to an article I read, there have not been any reported negative effects from getting a manicure or pedicure while pregnant, however, some of the chemicals in nail polish and nail polish remover can cause numerous health issues like skin irritation, contact dermatitis, rashes, poisoning, and even death. Obviously these outcomes would only happen in really extreme cases. Using nail polish while pregnant can be fine, just as long as it's not over used!

I love nail polish. I have about 30 different colors of nail polish. I can see why nail polish is not good for your nails, but for my personally nail polish keeps me from biting my nails, which makes them grow longer and healthier. To me healthy nails are long and not bitten, so personally even though nail polish is not good for you nails I see it as being healthier in the long run for my nails. I think that the slight damage done to your nails is worth it because it is much healthier than acrylics. I personally do not use my nail polish that often, but when I do it is layered so many times it probably is just as unhealthy as me painting my nails often. I believe that while pretty nails may be harmful. We should have them we only have one life to live and if nail polish is only bad for your nail and not your entire body I say why not.

I have been painting my nails since I was a little girl and never thought about the dangers of nail polish. I decided to look into this more and saw that all aspects of painting your nails are unhealthy! Not only is the polish bad so is nail polish remover! In an article I came across it said not to use nail polish remover more than twice a moth. It contains acetone which dries nails and is also toxic for your eyes, nerves, and lungs. The article also said nail polish is the most toxic cosmetic available! Looks like beauty really is pain


I love having my nails painted, but I have noticed that when I haven't painted them in a while they looks ten times better. With nail polish on my nails tend to be weak and crack and peel which is gross. I always thought something that smelled that bad could not be healthy. What about the new gel polish? I have heard some rumors that say that is better for your nails, but I have yet to try it. This is a great topic though, now I will think twice before wasting my money on a manicure.

Nail polish is probably one of my biggest addictions. However, not every brand of nail polish can be seen as toxic. There are many out there that are "3-free" or "5-free," meaning that they are free of many of the toxic chemicals other polishes (like cheaper ones) can have.

I've grown up under the assumption that having fake nails (like acrylics) are actually worse than painting your nails, because of the glue that is used to keep them on your nails. I've been painting my nails for years, and they're still super strong, super healthy, don't break easily, and are not brittle. I also tend to paint my nails at least once a week, and remove the polish with a "nourishing" remover that contains acetone. Of course, I also use many of the "3-free" brands, but I doubt that has any merit.

As for gel nails...I read that they are worse for you than just painting your nails, also because you have to stick your nails under a UV dryer to dry them. Doesn't that sound worse than just suffocating your cuticles?

Will there ever be a "totally safe" brand of nail polish that isn't too terribly harmful for us out there?

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