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Question-Mark.jpgI have been struggling to come up with blog posts recently, so I decided to make one with the questions that I think about semi-frequently.  I am hoping that you will look at the questions and pick one of the questions to answer for me.  It will be a great way to make some good comments.  Hopefully you can inspire me to blog about something and get points for some great comments as well!

1.       Does holding my cell phone up in the air actually improve my reception?

2.       If lightning strikes me while I am in midair (i.e. jumping) will I die?

3.       What does it feel like to die?

4.       Why can't the common cold be cured?

5.       Did Noah actually build an Ark?

6.       Why does leaving one foot out from under the covers make me feel cooler?

7.       Could time travel ever work?

8.       Does my dog understand what I say?

9.       What can I do to gain weight (in a healthy way)?

10.   Is experimenting on prisoners on death row unethical?

11.   Which major should I pursue?

12.   What makes video games so enjoyable?

13.   Does it hurt to get shot in the head (fatal shot)?

14.   What happens after you die?

15.   Do aliens exist?

16.   Why don't large animals held in captivity realize how easily they could break free?

17.   Could you escape from a coffin if you were buried alive?

18.   Is it ethical to clone a human?

19.   Why will a lizards tail re-grow if cut off but my finger will not?

20.   Does prayer heal?

21.   How do cell phones transmit my voice to anyone in the world?

22.   How long will the oil in this earth last?

23.   Is being homosexual genetic or learned?

24.   Why does metal spark when you put it in a microwave?

25.   Is it possible to freeze someone and years later thaw them and have them still alive?

26.   Why don't I have a five O'clock shadow at five O'clock?

27.   If I drink small amounts of poison every day can I become immune to it?

28.   Why doesn't glue dry in the container?

29.   If I put a very powerful magnet near my body would it kill me?

30.   Why can't gum makers make longer lasting flavors?

31.   Why do my gums bleed profusely when I brush my teeth?

32.   How do mirrors reflect my image?

33.   Is the blue I see different from the one you see?

34.   Why do my mom and dad have to text me every day?

35.   If the sun dies when humans still exist how long until they all die?

36.   What really killed the dinosaurs?

37.   Is there anything I can do to make myself taller?

38.   Why can't they make alcohol that is delicious?

39.   Is capitalism really better than socialism?

40.   How did Hitler really die?

41.   Would it ever be possible to do a brain transplant?

42.   How many games will our football team win this year?

43.   How exactly does a can get recycled?

44.   How far down is it possible to dig, with the right equipment?

45.   Could stem cells be used to regrow functioning body parts?

46.   What are Wal-Mart's average profit margins?

47.   What if aliens are trying to communicate with us but we aren't advanced enough to know?

48.   Why is it so hard for me to believe the "Monty Hall Problem?"

49.   Does David Blaine actually do all the things he says he does?

50. How could anyone disagree that Penn State is the best school in the world?


Thank you so much for this great list of questions! If you don't mind I think I might elaborate in a blog form of question number 8, does my dog understand what I say? That's very interesting and I've often wondered this myself. I talk to my dog all of the time and sometimes he does exactly what I say and other times he just perks his ears and tilts his head like he is extremely confused. Great questions!

Personally, I know that I also have a difficult time coming up with blog post topics. Obviously there are so many to choose from, but for this blog session, I wanted to make sure I think "outside of the box" and not write about topics that seem to be very common. I looked over your list and you have some really great ideas that I think will take you up through the rest of blogging! I am sure others (including myself) will check on your list and get a few ideas. My attention was originally drawn to number 6 off of your list. I find it actually a pretty funny idea because I know that happens to me! I might have to look further into this idea. I know that whenever I am sleeping and am kind of feeling uncomfortably hot, I decide to put one leg out from under the covers to "cool down." Do you think this is more of a mental thing? For instance, we just automatically do that because we feel coolness right away and become more comfortable? I wonder if different parts of the body take in more heat? Another eye catching topic that you listed was number 25 about freezing people and thawing them out in later years. I think once in my life I have heard the rumor about Walt Disney if I'm not mistaking, having his body frozen. We hear that sometimes with celebrities, maybe because they think their "greatness" should be on display for years to come. I don't know if I really see the benefits of doing it though, once you are dead, you are dead right?

The two questions that stuck out to me were 3 and 14. Now obviously I can't give you a concrete answer to these, but I recently watched a documentary that may help. The documentary was called DMT: The Spirit Molecule. In short, DMT is a super psychedelic drug that can induce intense hallucinations and out of body or near death experiences. The strange thing about DMT is that it is a naturally occurring neurotransmitter that exists in just about every living thing. It is said to be released in massive amounts in birth, dreams, and yes even death. It's hard to explain exactly what happens when DMT is released so here is a link to some info and testimonials from people who have experienced DMT. Hope this helps!

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