Yep, everything causes cancer


     It seems to me that no matter what you do, you are putting yourself at risk of getting cancer. Despite the obvious things like smoking, there are other weird things like putting Styrofoam cups in the microwave and sleeping with a bra on that could cause cancer. Here are some of the things I have found that could have "supposedly" caused cancer but later have been disproven or unresolved to date. 

Mouth Wash 


     Studies that were done in the 70's said that mouthwash that contained ethanol may cause oral cancer. They said that the mouthwash could make the oral tissues more vulnerable to known carcinogens.

     The evidence against mouthwash is weak, according to the American Dental Association (ADA).The ADA says that when mouthwash is used correctly it is safe. (So basically NO swallowing).

Cell Phones 


     In 1993, a man went on Larry King live and said that his wife's cell phone was responsible for her brain cancer. The broadcast provoked a public outcry and millions of dollars was poured in research to determine if radio waves emitted from cell phones could cause cancer.

     The largest study to date, published in 2010, could neither confirm nor dismiss a connection between cell phones and brain cancer. Scientists tracked nearly 13,000 adults for a decade and found a slightly higher rate of one of four cancers, gliomas.But cell phone users over all had a lower rate of the brain caner than people the never used a cell phone. A limitation on the study was that the participants gave their own estimates of how much time they spent talking, which could have messed up the results. 



Ten years ago, an e-mail warning women that using antiperspirant deodorant could cause breast cancer went viral. Since then, there has been some research that says the aluminum in antiperspirants and preservatives called parabens in both antiperspirants and deodorants mimic the hormone estrogen, which in high amounts can cause woman's breast cancer or put women at a higher risk.

women using deo .jpeg

There is no evidence that antiperspirants or deodorants cause cancer. Although a study conducted in 2004 stated that they found parabens in breast cancer tissue samples, suggesting that the chemicals may have caused the tumors. The limitation on the study was that the investigators did not check for the presence of parbens in healthy tissue. The evidence suggests that 99 percent of us are exposed to parabens from numerous different sources.



A husband and wife, who were both medical anthropologist, wrote a booked called "Dressed to Kill" in 1995 that suggested that women who wore bras regularly had a higher risk of getting cancer than women that didn't. They theorized that bras promote the build up of cancer. Lol I really can't. 


Experts stress that a link between bras and breast cancer has never been proven. Evidence points else where to variables like weight, age and family history. The American Cancer Society says that women that don't wear bras tend to weight less or have less dense breast tissue, both of which reduce breast cancer risk. 


I really had to add that last picture it was so necessary. But to sum it up just live your life because we are all going to die one day so your better off being happy and wearing a bra. 



This post reminds me of the conversation that we had in class about smoking. Many of these things are so commonly used just like smoking. Wouldn't it be crazy if one day we find out that cell phones were as dangerous as something like smoking. While it seems totally unreasonable and completely ridiuclous to think of now, that is what many people thought about the hazards of smoking. Someday, I am sure that we will find that some very common things, that we all use and think of as commonplace, will one day be regarded as highly dangerous. Maybe you will be able to say that you tried to warn everyone about it in SC200!

I have heard about so many different things that can cause cancer. The bad part about it is if in fact these are true we are all in a bad position because we use most of these things on a daily basis. I always remember my friends mom who is a nurse telling me not to drink diet coke because the ingredients used to make the artificial sugar apparently cause cancer. Its hard deciding whether to believe this or not but in the end it sometimes does put a little worry in the back of your mind.

Just like with smoking's connection to lung cancer, most of these cancer-causing elements have been found to be correlational, not causitive.

It'd be interesting to review what we're almost positive causes cancer, and then to examine the links those things have with all of our correlations. For example - bras are worn by almost all women in the 1st world, but less so by third-worlders. Women in the 1st world also have more access to tobacco, cars, electronics, and other potentially carcinogenic materials. Perhaps the problem is that bra-wearing 1st worlders are spending more time around car exhaust, smoking more cigarettes, and taking in more cellphone radiation than their bra-free counterparts, living in a some village in Africa.

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