Would I lie to you?


"Liar, liar, pants on fire" is a common phrase sung by school children throughout the United States and probably other English-speaking countries. But does it have any real significance? 


     The other day I was waiting in a massively long Starbucks line and couldn't help overhearing the girl in front of me talking to her friend. I have no idea what it is they were talking about, but I did catch a phrase: "So of course, I lied to him". This got me thinking. Why is it that lying seems to come so naturally to us humans? It seems as though telling little white lies has become so common it's almost expected. I couldn't help but wonder if this was unhealthy. Is it possible that lying could have an effect on human's health? I thought this especially since I feel like when I'm dishonest a weight is upon me, almost to the point where I feel uneasy. I researched this and found an article from USA Today where the issue of lying and its effects was addressed. According to a study conducted by a professor from Notre Dame university, which was presented in the American Psychological Association, honesty improves a person's health. Specifically, in terms of both nerves and stress level. Not only that, but the group that was instructed to lie less reported to having significantly improved how they felt, even going so far as to say they experienced less headaches. 

So it is possible to say that lying can make your head feel like it's on fire. Then why do we keep doing it? I got to thinking about this more and came up with an interesting point. Technology. Phones and computers have made lying more common because without face-to-face interaction it's easier to lie without any telling signs and consequently for the recipient to believe it. According to an article from Discovery news, this is especially true on dating sites, where users improve their profile with lies in order to seem more attractive. This led to my feeling uncertain. How many times a day do people seamlessly lie whilst I foolishly believe them? It's likely that I will never know. 


I believe that being honest is the most important factor that a person can possess. I was very interested when I came across this blog post. Not only is lying bad character, but apparently it is bad for your heath as well. After reading this I did some research on my own. I came across an article called Honesty Linked with Better Health and took a further read into it. A study that was done has proven that telling the truth results in less feelings of sadness and tension and also less degree of sickness. Take a further look into the article, it is very interesting!

Hey, I enjoyed your hypothesis that it may now be easier to do the lesser amount of human contact we have because of technology. It is clear that technology reduces face to face contact, which must have some sort of effect on people's relationships.
this article discusses it...

I do think that this effect on relationships has to do with the way people treat each other, as you suggest. Maybe this does mean people care less, or are more inclined to lie when it seems is only a computer or iphone screen they are lying to. It would be interesting to conduct a study of the points at which people are willing to lie when moving from face to face contact to phones to computers.

I believe that being honest leads to better relationships, which in turn lead to a stronger stability in an emotional state.

An example would be obviously cheating on your significant other. You would have to live with the guilt as well as the fear of your partner discovering your doings.

Lying about things from the past that arise again can cause problems as well with your peers. You would have to remember your story exactly or risk losing the trust of that individual. As Mark Twain said, "If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.”

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