Why not science? Well because...

picture.jpgHi! I'm Kelly. I'm a freshman and a student of the College of Communications majoring in broadcast journalism here at PSU. I'm from Collegeville, PA. It's "right outside of Philadelphia". I swear I hear that phrase at least five times a day. I'm taking SC200 mostly because I've always hated science. My adviser suggested I take this course to fill the gen ed credit. I would like literally dread science class everyday in school and I'm not quite sure why. I've always had pretty cool science teachers, but I could just never get into what they were teaching which is why I stayed far away from science while I was choosing a major. So far this course seems pretty interesting though, so maybe it could change my view on science. I like that this course is mostly focused on how to think about science and absorb it instead of hard facts. I chose broadcast journalism instead of a science major because I hope to work for ESPN some day. Sports is my main interest. I'm a diehard Philadelphia sports fan, but unfortunately I've met mostly New York and Pittsburgh fans since I've been here.PhilSports.jpg


Hey Kelly! I'm also a broadcast journalism major and also from a suburb outside of Philly. I'm a also a huge Phillies fan! I can relate to your experience with science in school because I also hated it.Here's some news about the Phills in case you haven't had time to keep up!:

What's up. I too am a broadcast journalism major. The only difference is that I am a diehard Yankees fan (sorry about 2009 world series). I too hated science in school so it was pretty hard for me to pick a science class for here too. But back to baseball, here's some news about the Yanks.

I am from Doylestown and always tell people I live 45 minutes outside of Philly. It is just way easier! I am a huge Mets fan and the last few years have been brutal but we will be back.

Hi Kelly. I am also from a suburb of Philly and am studying communications. I think it's really cool that you are a broadcast journalism major. That sounds like a really interesting field. I also enjoy watching Philadelphia sports teams but there is a divide in my household because my father and brother are diehard yankee ( http://newyork.yankees.mlb.com/index.jsp?c_id=nyy&sv=1 ) fans!

Hi Kelly! I'm also a broadcast major. I also know quite a few people from Collegeville :)
Like you, I dreaded going to science classes, especially during my senior year of high school when I almost failed physics. That was enough to scar me for life. Well, that or my creepy freshman science teacher that I also had in high school.
Anyway, I'm a Phillies fan, but am also a HUGE Chicago Bears fan! So that's something different, right?

Broadcast Journalism major here too. But I am one of the Pittsburgh people you speak off. Haters are going to hate, oh well!. I won't get into sports discussions because I can get too into it at times! Anyway, maybe we will cross paths or have a class together since we are in the same major?

Working for ESPN sounds like an awesome idea. Hopefully in the future if you become a broadcast journalist you'll have some good things to say about my team The Ravens

Hey Kelly, I guess I will just follow the trend. I am also from right outside of Philadelphia (Norristown). I am also a print major but I have done some stand up too. The Philadelphia Eagles are my favorite football team and if Michael Vick can stay healthy maybe we can win a championship!

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