Why do you crave chocolate?

Everyone enjoys a good piece of chocolate every now and then, unless of course, you don't like chocolate, which is rather rare. I mean come on, who can resist this?

But why is it that some people claim to have an addiction to chocolate; to be chocoholics? Well it very well may be because they are underlying alcoholics! New scientific studies show that chocolate contains alkaloid; the same addictive compound that is found in alcohol.

This could also explain why Alcoholics Anonymous recommends that recovering alcoholics eat chocolate to curb their addiction and satisfy their cravings.

Researchers at the Spanish Council for Scientific Research in Madrid, Spain found that regular cocoa and chocolate bars contain a group of alkaloids known as tetrahydro-

beta-carbolines. These chemicals, which have also been called neuroactive alkaloids are being studied continuously to see how they effect mood and behavior. Although these substances have been found both in chocolate and alcohol, researchers also credit caffeine and magnesium to helping stir the craving.

Dark chocolate contains more compound, therefore, it is more addicting than lighter chocolates, such as milk chocolate. So for those of you who love dark chocolate, be aware that although it might be healthier, it is certainly not any less addicting.

In the movies, when a girl gets broken up with by her boyfriend, what is the typical movie scene? A girl sitting on the couch crying, watching depressing movies, and binging on chocolate. We have all seen it. According to scientific evidence, woman are more likely to have chocolate cravings than men. According to the American Diabetes Association, 40% of woman crave chocolate, and 75% of them say that absolutely nothing can satisfy them but chocolate! On the other hand, only 15% of men report to crave chocolate.

Interestingly enough, when a girl is PMSing, she is most likely to have chocolate craving because the chocolate craving could be a result of the deficiency of magnesium. Boys: take this as a hint for the future!

Sometimes, when you are emotional or fragile, all you want is to binge on food. Chocolate is the most common food people binge on. It is not bad for you, unless you eat it in excessive amounts, which could lead to health issues.

According to CNN, chocolate and depression go hand in hand! I am sure everyone can relate to this, unless of course you don't like chocolate once again. "According to a study published this week in the Archives of Internal Medicine, people who feel depressed eat about 55 percent more chocolate than their non-depressed peers. And the more depressed they feel, the more chocolate they tend to eat."

Like the situation we discussed in class, "It's unclear, however, whether depressed people eat more chocolate simply because they crave it, or whether chocolate consumption itself somehow contributes to a depressed mood. This is unlike the hamster question we discussed because we know the light can not be affected by the hamster. Rather in this chocolate situation,  both variables could somehow be dependent on each other.

As the author of "50 Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food," we tend to think about the next piece of chocolate that we want to eat before even finishing the first one. How true is that!

I hope my blog allowed those of you who might have a potential chocolate addiction to better understand why you feel this way. If you feel that this might be a serious concern and you want to find out more information, read the Chocolate Addiction Symptoms


I feel like you wrote this post specifically for me. I have a really bad chocolate addiction. I desperately need to read "50 Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food" because I feel like it would help me so much. Whenever I'm in a bad mood chocolate always somehow makes me feel better. My whole family thinks I'm crazy because of how much i love chocolate, but i'm glad someone loves it enough to write about it here. It is interesting that you read that dark chocolate causes more cravings than lighter ones. I went on a chocolate tour last summer in Costa Rica and they said most people don't get intense cravings from it. It interests me to hear both sides of that.

Very interesting blog! I am now very curious in knowing if chocolate actually helps sooth depression. If so this ties into my blog about suicide, maybe people feeling depressed and stressed out enough to take their own lives should turn to chocolate? It's definitly something to think about I think!

Ps: did you know stressed spelled backwards is desserts?

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