Why do mosquitoes bit me?!


Hey class,

Today I've decided to talk about our good friend, the mosquitoe.


...they make me cringe...


Have you ever noticed that sometime you will wake up with 100 different mosquitoe bites and whoever you're with doesnt have any at all? Why do mosquitoes only bit certain people? and a better question, why do they bit at all?

Recently, scientist at Rothemsted Research in the UK discovered that some people produce chemicals that smell bad to mosquitoes, covering up the chemicals that usually attrack them.

A test was done by using two males, putting one of their hands in a chamber and the researchers watched which hand the mosquitoes preferred.

The researchers set about analyzing the body chemicals and are now waiting to patent the results in hopes of producing a natural insect repellent.

Why do mosquitoes bit?

The female mosquito is the one that bites, male mosquitoes feed off of flower necter. Female mosquitoes require blood to produce their eggs. Her mouth part is constructed so that it peirces the skin in order to suck the blood out. It's the saliva plus the injury to the skin that creates the stinging and irritation we associate with mosquito bites.


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I did not actually know that males do not bite humans. I find that kind of interesting, yet it does make sense due to the fact that females need the blood for their eggs. You said that some people naturally give off smells that repel mosquitos. I would like to see a study that shows if there is a certain race or gender group that has this smell, or if the smell is just random.

Haha,male mosquitoes do female transporter's job to carry nectar.Though the bites story get little tense,the nature of how sexism works in mosquitoes are quite amazing.Female insects usually shoulder the job to collect nectar and more generally disperse pollens,only encountering this anomaly in mosquitoes strikes my nerve that female can be wicked as male pests.

I just couldn't stop laughing when I suddenly come across the fact that male mosquitoes don't bite,whereas the female exercise this vile act all the time,being the top-rated sucker of human's toothy blood(how good it taste,I simply don't know,but I bet mosquitoes are not taste-ignorant,and they will refuse to take funky blood).My suggestion is if you are going to live one night in a heavily mosquitoes-plagued area,sprinkle some body potion to dispel them and you won't get a gory leg with a cheeseful of holes.

I also didn't know only female mosquitos bite, that's interesting. But I'm definitely someone who is prone to mosquito bites and I've never understood it! My friends at home make fun of me for constantly carrying bug spray because I can't stand it. Here is an article talking about why some people are prone, and like you said, it has to do with how we smell and what mosquitos like or dislike. If you're one of the unlucky ones, there are some ways to prevent this (like the bug spray I previously spoke out). None of these are fool proof, but check this out if you want to try and reduce the bite!

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