Why can't we just eat ONE potato chip??

Hey Class!

One thing that Im sure some of you will learn about me throughout this semester is my love for food, I could literally eat all day, but that question still remains in my head, why are potato chips sooo addicting? 


Hungry?? Me too. :) 

So why is it? you can't just have one chip, you need to have a handful, or in my case the whole bag.

In a recent study from the Department of Pharmacology at the University of California, School of Medicine, researchers have discovered that when we come in contact with fatty foods, (ie: potato chips) the receptors in our mouth triggers a powerful addiction-type mechanism in our brains. Our brains then send the signal to our guts which then lead to the formation of Endocannabinoids. 

Once we take a bite of a chip the receptors tell us that we want more and more. It cures the bodies fat craving and gives us a huge sense of satisfaction as our taste bud receptors enjoy the fatty fats.

This just doesn't occur with potato chips, its with all fatty foods! One of the biggest cravings is Ice Cream. If you eat Ice Cream out of the carton, you are likely to eat WAYYY more then intended,

LESSON: when eating chips, cheese curls, ice cream, etc. Make small portions! Put ice cream in a bowl and right back in the freezer. Take a handful of chips on a plate and wrap the bag back up! DONT LET YOUR BRAIN TELL YOU DIFFERENT!

Its all about will power people! Can you do it??


I sure cant.


This is really interesting, i noticed that when I eat chips out of the family sized bag I would eat more then the suggested serving of the food and I wouldnt even notice at the time until later on. With knowing this I will eat from the regular sized bags or make smaller servings from the larger bag.

Hi Kasey! I'm glad you wrote about this, because I feel the same way! I always end up eating way more potato chips, ice cream, etc. than I planned, and I'm glad to know its not 100% my fault! I'm wondering what exactly are fat cravings? That's definitely something Ive never heard of before, but it makes sense as to why we always crave fatty foods! Great blog post!

I agree with everything that you said and I too have been wondering the same thing. Even though we know that fatty foods are not good for us, we continue to eat them because they are delicious. I had no idea that there are food receptors in our mouth that set off an addiction to our body that is very hard to restrain. I also agree with you that I too cannot control the urge either. But, if there is a receptor for fatty foods, what is there for healhy foods? I wonder if we eat food that we do not like what our body tells us. Awesome post.

I'm actually relieved to read this. It's nice to be able to tell myself "It's not your fault it's an addiction." It is crazy to think that these kinds of foods can make our body react this way. It is actually just crazy the way our bodies work in general.

My weakness isn't potato chips or ice cream, but Smartfood cheddar cheese popcorn. I can literally eat it by the bag. Luckily for me, sage wisdom turned out to be scientifically backed, and my mom suggested the same thing that you did, putting food into smaller bowls rather than eating right out of the bag.

I found the science behind why we binge eat fatty foods to be really interesting though. I know that humans have natural addictive tendencies which is why some people are predisposed to alcohol and drug addiction, but i didn't know that it branched out to include fatty foods.

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