Why Buy those Nike's?

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Nike-Free-3-0-%28grey-green%29-women-running-shoes-0.jpgShoe's are not cheap. Everyone reading this post has at least once in their life gone out to buy new shoes. Running shoes are especially not cheap with all the new advances in "the design of shoes." But really is there anything better than running barefoot. Could there actually be flaws in these shoes that cause 75% of Americans to run the incorrect way? The problem with running with shoes on is that most people will land on their heels. Anyone who has ever run track or been involved with any athletic event knows that the correct way to run is to be on the balls of your feet. This is no-ones fault really I feel it is just human nature to want to put the bulk of the pressure on the most cushioned part of our foot. With out a doubt put on any running sneaker and that is the heel. I mean think about any athletic sneaker especially basketball shoes. They have shocks and all kinds of things that are added to the heel of the foot. So of course we are going to feel the comfort of landing on our heels. Not to mention the weight added by all these things it sort of forces the heel down first. Even running bare foot has some disadvantages. But we will focus on the advantages. Just by taking a few steps bare foot you can tell that you would not want to run with your heels hitting first here are my observations:
1)The heel is hard and to as cusioned by flesh as the ball's of our feet.
2)There is no flex in the heel whereas the balls of our feet have some give to them.

They may not be the most scientific of observations and I'm sure there are more that someone can find but I think anyone who takes a few steps can see and feel these two sensations.

There is however issues when changing from shoes to barefoot when running. We may be so used to running one way and not being able to change that some people may actually continue to run on heels causing damage to the foot such a fractures of tendon tears. But a University of of Central Florida Carey Rothschild says that 42% of people who transitioned to barefoot "reported no negative effects from the switch." So in the end I think I might still go out and buy my shoes that are well overpriced but this will certainly get me thinking next time my heels begin to hurt.


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I have always heard that running shoes condition the foot to run in a way that goes against what is right for our feet. However, running barefoot could propose even more problems, don't you think? Cut, sores, pressure, bruises, etc. Your blog made me think instantly of those weird foot shoes that people wear all around. Apparently, these Vibram Fivefinger Shoes aren't the latest fashion forward foot fad (obviously), but are actually practical and resolve the issues that you brought up in your blog and I brought up in the last sentence. These shoes claim to give a more "healthy and natural" method of walking/running in various activities including: rowing, kayaking, running, yoga, working out, hiking, etc. The shoes mold to your exact foot size and shape with little inserts for your toes. Essentially, they are a protective layer over your skin to give the feel and support of basically running barefoot (or) the right way! Perhaps these are the shoes of the future and will solve this problem that we've created through use of the expensive and tradition yet detrimental running shoe.

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