Why am I tone deaf?

While I actually am not tone deaf, I have always wondered why everyone could not sing a tune or hum a lullaby. It always pondered my mind and I never could really accept why we were not equal at least in talents. 

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While trying to understand why some people are tone deaf I ran across an article trying to explain it. It was very interesting because it is basically explain as a person who can not differ between high and low notes. It is a type of deafness where they can not discriminate between different pitches. It is said that what causes the tone deafness is from the way your brain processes the sounds.

I do find that interesting that it has to do with the way the brain processes the sounds because it makes me wonder if it is possibly curable by connecting link in your brain. What makes me even more excited is that is tone deafness is curable by making connections in the brain maybe deafness in general can be curable.

Anyone who thinks they are tone deaf or want to find out if they are should head on over to this article because it gives you a test that can help tell you if you should be a singer or not.

Have fun with your Music!
Kelsey Anne Arbuckle


Cool! I took that test to see if I was tone deaf and I got an 86%. I was hoping to be in the "above-90% range" because of my musical training. I have taken a test like that in the past and in that particular test it became very difficult at the end. Being a musician myself, I have had my fair share of run-ins with people that can't seem to match pitches that I play or sing to them. But, after taking a few music classes, a lot of different teachers and professors have a different view on this. I have been given the idea that all humans are musical because they all have some physiological or physical reaction to music and that no one is tone deaf. The reasoning behind why someone thinks no one is tone deaf is still beyond me. Look for a blog post from me about the reason behind why everyone is musical in the near future!

I am TERRIBLE at hearing pitches. I've been in plenty of musical shows in high school and though my voice is not the greatest, nor the worst I have always struggled with tone and pitch. Although it has greatly improved from when I started singing in 8th grade to now it still is not fully there. In the end it has to be just a God given talent to hear a pitch because no matter how hard I try I still have no luck in finding it.

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