What Are Bath Salts?

I'm sure we've all heard the stories of a man eating another man's face while under the influence of bath salts.  Most recently I read an article on the Huffington Post of a man who raped and killed a goat while on bath salts.  This made me extremely curious.  I wondered what bath salts are, and what they do to your body to possess you to do such outrageous behavior.


What are bath salts?  Some street names for bath salts are ivory wave, purple wave, vanilla sky and bliss.  Bath salts are made of MDPV, or methelenedioxypyrovalerone.


Why are they called bath salts?  Are they the same thing as the salts we put in our baths like epsom salts?  No, they are not epsom salts.  The reason they are called bath salts is a legal issue.  Being that they are coined bath salts and labeled not for human consumption, they have yet to be made illegal in all states.


What do you experience when taking bath salts?  According to WebMD agitation, paranoia, hallucinations, chest pains and suicidality are all side effects of taking bath salts.  Bath salts have similar highs to cocaine and amphetamines.

There is no knowledge if bath salts are addictive.  In addition, there is no way of testing if a person has taken bath salts other than if they tell you they did.

How are they taken?  They can be swallowed, snorted, inhaled, or injected.  The two most common ways to get the drug into the body is by swallowing or snorting the drug.

I went on the internet to see how readily available bath salts are.  On the first page of google there are a few sites selling these drugs.  I can get two packages of 200mg ivory wave ultra for $26.99.  This item was also buy one get one free.  The average dose is between 5 and 20 mgs so this is a large amount of drugs for a small price.



What I don't understand is why are people compelled to try bath salts after hearing the stories. I would think that when someone hears, "man eating another mans face", they wouldn't want to do that. Its all crazy to me.

I'm actually so happy you posted this I've always been so curious about the basics of bath salts but never got around to looking it up.

I have a question, though. So even though the packaging of these drugs make it look like some type of bath product, like the regular salts we would put in a bath, they can't be used for that? I'm pretty sure you stated that in your blog, but I'm confused because the packaging is so pretty and normal-looking.

I don't understand how these aren't illegal yet.

Sam, the same can be said about any drug, and even tobacco for that matter. With all the research out there today about all the harm these drugs can do to you. Why would anybody be compelled to try this? I cannot possibly justify their thinking.

Megan, I was always curious about this too and this gave me a perfect reason to research it. The packaging is just a ploy for the government to not make these drugs illegal. Dealers use the term bath salts as a loophole and the misleading label "not for human consumption." The DEA actually put a one-year ban on this drug making it illegal. During the course of that year they have to decide whether or not to keep it legal or ban it permanently.

I remember hearing about this inncident in Miami. Actually, I'm pretty sure I remember hearing about a similar inncident that happened shortly after the first one went public. This was a very helpful blog because I was unaware of what bath salts were. Along with the story of the guy eating the man's face, I remember hearing that they couldn't find bath salts or any other drug in his system other than marijuana. I found this artice about the toxicology report.

When I heard the stories, I thought that the Zombie apocalypse was actually here. Now that I know that they were intentionally high on bat salts, I feel a LITTLE safer. But then I imagined a horrifying terror attack: what if someone found a way to make these bath salts into a gaseous bioweapon? They could bring down an entire nation by turning its population against itself in cannibalistic rage. I'm still afraid.

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