We're not as clever as we think

The mind is a great and powerful part of our being. It helps distinguish things outside our human body as well as relate it to those very things through thought. Through thought we relate the past to the present and the future as well. The mind proves to be of a great help to all human beings through allowing us to do all of these things and many more. But, how can something that great be fooled by an imagery of a mere picture. Every person and mind is susceptible to fall victim to an illusion. These illusions fool the mind or brain (whichever is preferred) the thing is that may strike people as intriguing is the fact that no matter how many times you are presented with an illusion it still appears to be the same as when you first saw it. The illusion is one of the few if not one of the only things to constantly fool our perceptions but why? Starting with what an illusion is would be more helpful I presume. An illusion is basically the fooling of our sensory receptors which help feel pain, sense light, hear etc. How exactly do they work is a question that we plague ourselves with on a daily basis. The answer is actually quite simple according to Manali Oak the brain groups what it already knows and tries to do the same with the information that we are taking in throughout the day constantly looking for a pattern however the brain is not the main component of our deception, our eyes are the main components that lead us to believe in these illusions. The reason our eyes end up fooling us is because the retina contains a blind spot which causes a misinterpretation while sending the information to the brain causing us to see what is actually not there.Reiterating what Oak said the brain is looking for what it knows already not factoring error for mistakes that may be there. The mind uses past experiences to relate to present and future experiences. We use intuition to formulate what we think we are seeing, but what we are clearly seeing is not at all. That makes one start to think how much of life do we perceive to be real and that so called basis of understanding... How much was actually real? How much was an illusion, merely a tricked played on us by us? Stare at the dot in the center of the picture watch and see what happens.


Hey Anthony!

This article was interesting to read. It's hard to believe that a thinking machine so powerful is also capable of error. And after reading your article, it got me thinking about the daily things I see in life, am I seeing what I'm actually seeing, is everyone seeing the same thing as I'm seeing? There's always images of optical illusions on the internet, but how many do we see in real life? We'll never actually know. This article explains the concept of illusion, saying that these illusions shouldn't be called "optical illusions" but "visual illusions", because the term optical refers to the eyes, but the term visual refers to the eyes and the mind, which fits the meaning more.

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