Wait there's math?!

This was my comment the first time I walked into my AP chem class in high school. I love science and find everything about it absolutely fascinating. What I do not love is  the high level math requirement. I enjoy thinking about problems analytically which is probably why I joined the Air Force and worked as an analyst. It probably has something to do with my choice in degree which is Security Risk Analysis.

I was very excited to have found this class as I really do enjoy learning about science, but after my experiences in high school I am nervous to try any class that may put my GPA at risk. I am taking this class in order to fill the last of my GN credits.

So since this is the initial post I will give a little about myself. I am 26 and an academic junior here at Penn State studying Security Risk Analysis. I am prior service Air Force where I worked as an analyst. The Air Force is also where I met my wife!
Air Force.jpg
This is Jamie and I in 2006

I also have a son, Sylas, who was born December 11, 2009. He is an absolute ham and keeps my wife and I on our toes constantly.
our newborn son

It's hard to believe that it has been almost three years since that picture was taken.

Here is one last picture that was just taken last Thursday during an ROTC event.
Dad and me.jpg

I guess I'll end on an interesting fact about me. I enjoy doing extreme events. I have run the Tough Mudder and I will be running the Hardcore Mudd Run this coming weekend.

See you all in class.


That's awesome that you were in the Air Force! My brother wants to go into the military when he's old enough and he's thinking about either Air Force or the NAVY; sweet that you still get to come to Penn State!

I have the exact same reason for not being a science major!I love science and everything about it fascinates me, it's just that I'm not able to do the math concept of it all. Thank you for serving our country as well! It's great that you can go back to school and study what you want to do. My boyfriend is in the Army and a lot of my best guy friends are in the Marines so it's great to know you're able to juggle school,married life, and a son (btw..he's so precious)!!!!

Wow! Your life before coming to Penn State sounds incredible! That's so cool you were in the Air Force; I have a cousin who served in the Air Force too! It sounds like a great story how you met your wife while serving, and your son is adorable! Good luck in this class, and I hope you have a great semester!

You definitely have an incredible and unique story! And your son is adorable!!

Your post was great. It's funny you mention the Tough Mudder because one of my friends actually just did that this summer. Have you ever heard of the Color Run? There was one near where I live back home, it's something I hope to do in the future.


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