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Have you guys ever heard of the show Taboo? Well my friends and I were talking about one of their wildest episodes, and I thought I would enlighten all of us about this "Taboo" topic. Now, it's not something you hear everyday....get ready...it's about to get a little weird.  Have you ever considered drinking your own urine?  I know, just the thought of it makes me cringe, but some people actually swear by this ritual. 

Of course, it's a whole different idea when you have to do it for survival.  No judgments there, really.  But now it is becoming more popular to do on a regular basis.

Turns out, these practices date back to ancient times.  The Egyptian, Chinese, and Indian texts outline the positive affects of drinking one's own urine, while the Aztecs used it merely as a disinfectant.

According to this <a href="http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/health-news/urine-the-bodys-own-health-drink-467303.html">article</a>, urine is 95% water and the other 5% is simply vitamins and nutrients.  Urine is sterile and is actually not a bodily waste, but a filtration of the blood.

People believe that drinking this magic potion can help to cure things like the common cold.  Some believe it may even cure cancer.  Generally, it is the first urination of the day that is the most beneficial, and patients are told to drink up to a cup full, morning and night.

Ms. Christy, an advocate for auto-urine therapy says that the only reason doctor do not promote this therapy is because there is no money in it for them

Hmmm....if this is really true, then the doctors have some explaining to do...

Then again, there is little proof that this therapy actually works.

So who's up to do an in class experiment?! (I actually cringed while writing that, ew)

But in all seriousness...

How far would you guys go to improve your health?


Wait so you're saying that OUR URINE could be the cure for the common cold, or even cancer, which researchers are so desperately searching to find? This is actually so interesting - I especially think this makes sense because of what you mentioned about the doctors. It makes sense they wouldn't want to provide further testing with this because there is no money in it for them (if they could even find a large enough sample of humans to participate)!

However, do you honestly think doctors, who may have loved ones suffering from cancer, or struggle with bouts of the dreaded common cold every winter as we all do, would put off testing on this simply because it provides no profit for them? They certainly have an abundance of other sicknesses that they tend to that DO have profit for them, and it's too big of a benefit for the entire human population for them to hold off because of a money issue.

I think the main problem with this treatment and its testing would be getting people to willingly drink their own urine. If it ever were to be proved to be an effective treatment for the sicknesses you mentioned, I guarantee many people would become acustom to the thought.

Here is a link to the American Cancer Society's page on "Urotherapy" which is urine treatment. I found it interesting that other cultures, Eastern cultures, have thought urine to be a remedy for various diseases for years. I also noted the side effects of drinking urine, and how some inject it into their skin... That's really disgusting if you ask me, and the society also recognized most Western cultures (like us) are somewhat offended (or just grossed out) by the idea. I think it is an alternative method that should be tested out, but like the previous comment said and you stated in your blog, a lot of people would not be willing to try this out. Who knows though, maybe it could be helpful if combined with other treatments.

I actually heard when i went snorkeling that if you get poisoned by certain sea creatures or coral in the ocean that you can pee on yourself to heal it. Here is a link of things urine can be used for http://kesti16.com/kesti16/Urine.HTML .... It is gross but it is true. I'm not sure how far I would go to cure myself but I guess if I was desperate it can't be too bad. I also heard in the past people would drink urine to test for diabetes? Sounds strange but I guess whatever works works. Has anyone on here ever used their urine for anything strange ?

Yes, I definitely find it hard to believe that doctors would cast this treatment aside if it really did benefit it, but again like you both said, it would be difficult to test out and see. I feel that there aren't enough studies to support Ms. Christy's claim, and further research would need to be done in order for this treatment to carry any weight. I don't even think you could test this on animals because well... even they know not to drink their own urine! I'd surely be interested to see if they will do more testing in the future because no matter how gross, this therapy could be revolutionary.

I've heard the same thing Ariel! It's something with the ammonia in urine that will help ease stings. And I think Victoria is right, it's more the Eastern cultures that have practiced these more eclectic forms of medicine. Unless there was some extensive, positive research done on the matter, I don't think I would personally try it based on what I've read!

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