To eat or not to eat? It's really not that healthy...

   Even if someone does not want to admit it, one is always subconsciously thinking about their diet and food choices that they consume.  Also, not everyone that eats healthy is considered on a "diet".  "In November 2010 the Consumer Reports National Research Center surveyed a national sample of 1,234 U.S. adults about their eating habits and how they maintained a healthy diet... 90 percent describing their diet as 'somewhat', 'very' or 'extremely' healthy..." (  

   In order to maintain a healthy diet, lose fat, and build muscle, doctors say that at least 90% of foods consumed be unprocessed or typically anything that comes out of a box.  Lean meats, fruits, vegetables, and eggs are ideal and 6 meals are to be eaten per day, leaving "extra" room for 4 junk meals per week.

   However, there is a serious catch.  What if one found out that typical foods that typically eaten foods that are supposedly healthy are really not and could have adverse effects due to lack of knowledge?  Well, thanks to an article on, here are the top 10 foods that you think are healthy, but probably should not eat.

1. Cereals 
- Although there are healthy, whole-gran and oat options for cereal, those recommended for weight loss and other just typical cereals are often ridiculously high in sugar and salt.  Also, often times their vitamin and mineral content is chemical based.
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2. Granola Bars (i.e. Chewy's)
- What's so bad about a granola bar if they contain oats and nuts?  What makes granola bars stick together is the problem.  9 times out of 10 granola bars are kept together with corn syrup, that can overtime severely rise your blood pressure.  Also, those with chocolate chips or other candies make them more like a candy bar.

3. Yogurt Parfaits with fruit at the bottom
- Even though some yogurts claim to be fat free, that doesn't mean it is healthy.  For the fruit to stay good at the bottom of pre-packaged parfaits, they are filled with sugars, corn syrup, and artificial sweeteners.  
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4. Bread
- Yes, one may purchase whole wheat or whole grain bread in an attempt to choose the healthier option.  However, dark breads can still have ingredients such as trans-fats and corn syrup that can make you gain weight.

5. Sandwiches (Pre-packaged)
- Even though some stores have the "light" or "fat-free" pre-packaged to-go sandwiches, those often contain lower quality meats that are drenched in loads of sugary dressings, little amounts of real vegetables, and overdoses of white bread.
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6. Fruit Juice
- There are 100% fruit juice options but even those contain sugars, including fructose.  Extra amounts of fructose can lead to obesity and bad cholesterol.  

7. Sport Drinks
- Drinks that are almost always seemed being consumed such as Powerade and Gatorade may seem good because they contain ridiculous amounts of replenishing electrolytes.  However, they should be labeled "Sugar Water" instead.  Some sport drinks have up to 30g of sugar per serving!

8. Fast Food Salads
- Trying to avoid getting a Big Mac and buying a salad from McDonald's instead?  That may not be your smartest move. The dressings typically contain large amounts of sugar and croutons made from refined white flour.

9. Frozen Meals
- One might see this and think, "Yes, obviously frozen meals are not good for you".  However, even those dieting have been seen purchasing the 'healthy' option frozen meals such as Lean Cuisine or SmartChoice dinners.  The frozen vegetables are not really the problem here.  To keep the food good, the meals are drenched in high-processed, sugary sauces and contain high amounts of salt.  

10. Diet Soda
- Diet Sodas often contain artificial sweeteners such as aspartame. 

Now that it is so clearly stated, watch your food choices!!!


This is actually really alarming. I guess I was also under the delusion that the foods you mentioned are healthy. It is unbelievable that companies are allowed to advertise their food as the "healthy" option, when in reality that is far from the truth. I guess the main reason such practices are allowed to continue is because most people do not read food safety labels. You can't really know that you're being tricked if you don't inform yourself. I found this article on other foods that people think are healthy but are actually far from it.

I'm REALLY happy you blogged about this! I've mentioned in previous blog posts that I'm a huge health freak, and I'm always searching for information like this (as in secret foods that are making you fat, foods that help maintain a healthy metabolism, etc.). I'm a huge fan of the Eat This Not That books and website! This entry reminded me of ETNT because they provide similar eating tips, but more extensively! If you aren't familiar with the books or website, definitely check it out! So many good diet tips!

I'm also a total health nut and my mom has always enforced the "portion size rule". It basically encourages you to eat more fruits and vegetables and decrease the portion size of all your other foods. I probably have this method to thank for my figure but am especially grateful I was taught this at a young age. I feel like America is getting increasingly overweight at a scary rate. Its hard to go healthy after you've been eating junk for so long!

This article was very informative. Sometimes people are under the impression that just because something is "whole wheat" or "low-fat" that it is really healthy and you will lose weight. There are so many healthy foods lists that I think can sometimes be misleading. It is really important for people to get the truth on what is actually healthy and what is not!

I'm happy you posted about this. I had no idea cereal was an unhealthy option sometimes. Also, the fact that yogurt parfaits are so full of corn syrups and other unhealthy ingredients was very informative. I know I probably think too much about what I eat, but this definitely reinforces why it is important to watch what you eat!

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