The voice in an animal's head.

I just want to start off by saying dogs are forty times as cooler than cats. Now I know that will get a good amount of you people going, but it's true. Anyone read up on the news lately? There was an article up on Yahoo on a dog who saved his suicidal owner's life. His owner, who wanted to die, passed out on train tracks due to the over consumption of alcohol. His beloved dog came to his rescue. Unfortunately, the dog was hit by the train during the rescue mission. I love and hate this story. I completely saddened by the fact that this wonderful pet had to lose his life trying to rescue someone who didn't want to keep his own. I, however, am in love with the fact that it loved it's owner so much that it was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. 

It brings up a questions. Are animals self-aware? I found another article written by Marc Bekoff who is a former evolutionary biology professor. In his article, Do Animals Know Who They Are?, he refutes the common assumption that animals do not emotions. He even goes to say that animals also have "degrees of self-awareness" He uses the term "body-ness" to describe an animal who is aware of what's happening to his body. An example I thought of happens to be when a dog gets belly rubbed. You ever rubbed one of their bellies? I could certainly say it must feel like paradise for them. It seems as though dogs are aware of their name, hence why they respond to it. I've always wondered if animals have that little voice in their head like we do. It may not be in english or any other human language but maybe an animal language. Maybe there is a bark inside a dog's head. Do animals love? I'd like to believe so. 

This makes me believe so. Here is a video of a dog who stayed by the casket of his owner whom died in the war. This makes me believe they are aware. This makes me believe they love. This makes me believe that they can feel. This dog can feel the pain of losing someone almost as strong as we can feel it, maybe even stronger. It's amazing how humans can immediately downplay other species simply because we are more "intelligent". Maybe we aren't more intelligent, who knows? This is just coming from an animal lover who only had a cat for two months of his life and had to give it up because his mom was allergic so he had to spent a good amount of his time helping out animal shelters. Stay smart and love animals


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What an interesting blog! I happen to agree 100% that dogs are way cooler than cats. I would like to think that dogs really do think, feel, and love. I recently had a dog pass away. On the day he died, we walked down to the grave of our last dog in our yard, which was something highly uncharacteristic of him. He never went to that end of the yard in all his life. It was as if he was saying that it's okay for us to let him go, and that he was ready. I can imagine that not being able to speak words is very frustrating for a dog, but I think they try their best to communicate with us in ways that they can. GO DOGS!

wow this is awesome! i love dogs, they are my favorite animals. I don't even consider my dog an animal she is like a sister to me haha. I have had my dog for 12 years and she is the best friend ever. here's a video of talking dogs. haha i never know if these are real or fake but it makes me think dogs are more and more real. great blog choice!

This is a very interesting, and I think there may be an answer to your question soon. Dog minds are being studied through MRIs and various experiments to answer questions like "Do dogs feel empathy?" Personally I believe that we are all animals and all share a common morality whether we are humans or dogs. I feel like deep down, there is something unexplainable about the origins of our personality and how nature forms it.

This is actually something I have been wondering for a while. Along with what you said about a dog understanding it's name, my dog seems to understand that when everyone is dressed in my household that it is time for her to go in her kennel. Or when we say certain phrases like "I'm going to bed" or "She's downstairs" she has the same reaction everytime.
Another interesting topic could be to ask if dogs are bilingual (so to speak). My friend's dog seems to understand her commands in both Spanish and English and I have been to a place where a lady's dog follows her commands in Japanese!

I definitely agree that animals, especially dogs, have the ability to love. And I think there are always examples of this in the news. I read this yesterday, and then today I found an article on Yahoo about a dog who has kept vigil by his owner's grave for the past six years. If that's not love, I don't know what it is. I also think the idea of dogs having a "voice in their head" is really interesting, and something I've never even thought of before. If dogs are capable of all the things we know they can do, why couldn't they have a conscience too?

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