The truth behind King Tut's death

One of the most famous rulers in the history of the world and yet one of the biggest mysteries. King Tutankhamun's death has been a topic of debate for thousands of years to date. After the discovery of his tomb in 1922, many people were looking for answers upon his early death. Many first believed his death to be of an assassination, further studies suggested it may have been malaria. In a recent break through this past week, scientists may have come to the conclusion of what really caused the death of the young King. Studies have shown, King Tut broke his leg prior to his death. Recent studies claim the cause of his broken leg was a fall in result of epilepsy. This seems to be very possible since former rulers directly related to Tutankhamun have also died at a young age creating some sort of trend. All of them being murdered or poisoned is highly unlikely so scientists have grasped on to this trend. Examinations of King Tut's body show many feminine qualities such as his enlarged breasts. kingtut.jpg

New examiners argue they are the result of a disease called gynecomastia. So in result scientists believe King Tut may had died from temporal lobe epilepsy. It is another great breakthrough in one of time's biggest mysteries. In my own opinion they can run tests and look at anything all they want but trying to solve a 4000 year mystery is almost near impossible, no matter how much technology we may have these days.


This is an interesting article!We've always wondered about how those big-enchiladas back to those primodial days succumbed to death when literally everything could have been proffered to the pharoah for his survival.Yes obviously barring from factuous legends,there exists no elixir ever.Thus,Egyptians paid their utmost homage to their invincible demigod an extradinary standard of cemetery,i.e.pyramids,to have pharoah's soul reposed underneath.I found it thorny to trace down the cause of a pharoah's demise due to the lengthy passage of time and disintegration of the clinical evidences of his body.Though we may have the aptitude to conceive many possibilities,the certainty was limited by the history itself to tell.

That is rather fascinating that scientists were able to trace his cause of death to temporal lobe epilepsy. Now a days there are plenty of oral medicines that can treat epilepsy, but back then I doubt they even understood what was wrong with him. Rather amazing how much we have learned in the science fields, and just how much more there is to still learn

I find it so interesting that even to this day we can still go back and look at a body and possibly determine the reason of death. The reason why it really keeps me interested is because King Tut is old, very very old, and the fact that we can go back and come to the conclusion that he may have died of a broken leg is an amazing thing. The connection that they make from the broken leg to epilepsy is even more amazing. It is also interesting how they can connect King Tut's death to former rulers. I would disagree that solving his death is near impossible. I believe our technology today can help us do anything.

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