The Stinky Saving Stench of Guardian Garlic.

Whenever I order pizza, I always make sure to get Garlic Sauce. I know it's not appealing to everyone's taste buds (and the smell can be disgusting), but I happen to enjoy it a lot.

One day, I was eating pizza outside with some garlic sauce, and being outside I noticed that there are a lot of bugs. I had forgotten my bug spray and regretting all decisions to come outside; however, on my way back inside, I noticed that my garlic sauce and the surrounding area had no trace of any kind of bug. There were no ants, mosquitos, or flies around my pizza pie and the sauce.

I began to question: Does garlic act as a bug repellent? And of course, my first thought was "I should blog about this."

There is good evidence conducted in tests performed by Colorado State University that shows garlic as a reputable substance against a wide variety of bugs. They can be used as pesticides for plants and possibly even for humans.

A possible explanation as to why the bugs are repelled could be due to the sulfurs in garlic, which mask the scent of carbon dioxide and lactic acid, two attractants of mosquitos.

BUT... not only does garlic serve bug repellent properties, but they also serve a wide variety of medicinal properties especially with preventing heart disease and cancer due to the compounds formed after eating a clove of garlic.

Although there are still mixed results about how useful garlic is to the body, there is no harm in eating a clove or two to improve overall health and nutrition.

However, these secret mysteries of garlic remain to be unsolved. Why does it repel mosquitos? How come it provides so many benefits for humans? 

It seems like garlic could become a wonder drug in the future. My only hope is that it does not become mass monopolized, and the data involving garlic does not become distorted.

But what do you think? Is garlic good for you? Do YOU like garlic? If you do, we should make some guacamole, add some garlic, and have a mexican fiesta.



I think this is a very interesting question you asked yourself. You are very observant for noticing that the bugs were repelled by the garlic. I personally love garlic and have heard from my italian relatives that it is a ancient story that garlic is very good for you. Another thing you could research is how garlic contributes to health. I think that would be a very good thing to know so we can all start ordering garlic sauce with our pizza. Its interesting to me that garlic repels bugs and is good for you. Theres got to be something wrong with it, right? You could also look up more specifically why it would repel bugs like you have observed.

As I was researching online for this topic, I found that scientists are still unsure of the effects of garlic and how it helps the human body or how it repels bugs. There are lots of correlations and hypotheses, but they are still very unclear. Maybe a proper experiment is hard to set up in these terms because the effects are still unclear. I think there needs to be a lot more study on garlic and its chemicals before we can determine how it affects the world.

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