The Mystery Behind Hangovers

11272916-orange-retro-drink-with-fruit-vector-cartoon-illustration.jpgAssuming almost every one in the class is under the age of 21 this blog may not apply to you. Then again we all do go to Penn State so we may or may not have encountered some beverages containing alcohol. Say you did happen to have a drink or two and you woke up the next morning asking yourself when in the world did I get hit by a bus last night? The alcohol is the first one to take the blame but in reality, it is not just the booze you drank the night before.In an article about Alcoholism on, the is more to a hangover than just the alcohol. It can can gastrointestinal disturbances by rubbing up against the lining of your stomach which can cause abdominal pain as well as nausea or vomiting. It can also cause low blood sugar since it's taking already made glucose in your liver which may make you one moody person the next day from the lack of blood sugar in your body. hung-over.jpg

Then there is the sleep aspect of it. When you're constantly getting up to pee or keep waking up in the middle of the night can play a huge part in a hang over. Not getting enough sleep obviously can cause headaches as well as just being extremely tired in general. Some possible things to do to prevent hang overs is drink two bottles of water before you go to bed to try and flush out some of that alcohol with some quality H2O. So next time you go out and rage like a mad person and live for the moment, try and give yourself an idea of what you may feel like the next day and how you can prevent it. In other words, go out and have a fun time but just remember to try and avoid getting hit by that bus before you go to sleep.


This post is very interesting. I have heard before that the reason for your hangover is the loss of H2O in your body. I think it is very important what you said about chugging water before bedtime. My question is what exactly in alcoholic beverages makes you dehydrated? Is there any way alcohol can be produced that doesn't include the chemicals that make you dehydrated? A roommate of mine, who is a Kines major, tells me that when one is drinking, the body tries to fluch out the alcohol and takes water with it, too. So it seems like the body rejects the alcohol.

Good post! I've heard the same thing as the person in the comment before mine-- that during any kind of alcohol consumption, our bodies attempt to flush it out with water, which causes dehydration and that "hit by a bus" feeling in the morning.

So what you're saying is that the alcohol itself doesn't directly cause hangovers as much as the behavior under the influence of alcohol? Something tells me that something similar happens to regular energy drinkers.

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