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Today in my CAS 283 class, which basically deals with technology and the media in our society today, we began a conversation about technology we used in the past and even currently that is nearing extinction. I was instantly intrigued by my findings and also felt as though this topic would be fit for my Science 200 blog entry for this week. Who remembers the last time you used a land line? Like, on a daily basis. You remember the good old days when you'd sit and wait by your phone for that special boy to call you and talk. More and more every day, communication technology even as simple as holding a telephone conversation is becoming obsolete. Why would we even bother speaking on the phone when we can bypass the awkward conversation that comes with it. Why would we even have land lines anyway if we're not even home to answer the phones? I found a few very interesting interactive examples online while in class today as well. I find this subject to be totally mind blowing, the fact that it was only maybe 8 years ago when dial-up internet was what everyone had, and now if we even have to bare to wait over 20 seconds for our wi-fi to load we throw a fit. Check out this Youtube Link and take a look at some of the technology of the past. Next week i'll have a follow up blog post about what the future is supposed to look like, and to me it seems kind of terrifying. 


This is a great topic for a blog! Last year in high school we had to write about verbal communication, and how the generations to come will have difficulty with it due to all of the technology avaialable that, like you said, allows us avoid it. It is an area that people should really pay more attention to. The more we rely on technology to communicate for us, via text, email, facebook, the less personal interaction we recieve, which can potentially hurt us. Verbally speaking to someone can prevent instances where you don't know the emotions of the person on the other end of that piece of technology you're communicating through. Face it, we've all done it before, recieved a text and got mad becuase you thought they were being rude, when really they ment no harm. In some ways technology is amazing and benifical, but personal interaction when communicating I think is important, and it is vanishing more and more year by year.

Texting is great, and the innovations with communication over the past decade have changed the way we interact, but do you think no longer actually talking to people is improving relationships. The results of a UCLA and Cal State study have shown according to ehow "for young people face-to-face interactions are less desirable than modern modes of communication." This could result in problems with "social cues" later in life when face to face interaction becomes more important. I do not know how real the issues are with using texting instead of talking, but I think it is worth considering that texting could possibly lead a generation into becoming more accustomed to texting than actually talking.

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