The Football Helmet of the Future

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One of the biggest existing problems in the National Football League today is injuries.  One of the worst injuries to receive today is a concussion, and when you think about it they are pretty easy to come by.  A concussion defined by is a traumatic brain injury that alters the way your brain functions. Effects are usually temporary, but can include problems with headache, concentration, memory, judgment, balance and coordination.  I have had experiences when I played football where I have gotten multiple concussions, and trust me they are not fun.  Here is a demonstration of a problem in the National Football League today:

This is Austin Collie, Indianapolis Colts receiver getting a concussion after a blow to the head.  This will always be a huge problem in the NFL, however, Riddell, "The Official Helmet of the NFL," released its new helmet.  The new helmet is called the Riddell 360.  When releasing this helmet, a Riddell spokesperson said, "Player protection is the number one priority in developing new helmet technology." On the other hand, he also said, "It's important to remember that no helmet can prevent a concussion."

Screen_Shot_2012-08-15_at_4.51.39_PM_medium.png"The 360 offers some hope for the future. It's been tested against 1.4 million impacts, and if it's not guaranteed to prevent concussions, it was certainly designed to try. One of the biggest challenges football players face at any level is finding a helmet that fits--the less room there is for a player's head to bounce around inside the helmet, the better."  Researchers at Virginia Tech pronounced this helmet as one of three helmets that provide the most safety and prevention from concussions.  "The ridged feature helps manage energy from any hits, all in an effort to limit the pounding that might be transferred a player's head. And then there's the facemask, which flexes on impact to absorb energy from head-on hits, limiting what goes into the helmet."  This new helmet will be the future of football and hopefully it will be a step forward in the safety for athletes in the NFL.  There will always be questions about helmets and how much safety they actually provide, especially as athletes become more athletic at a young age since they are exposed to more technology.  However, this helmet will help out with concussions and player safety.


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I always got so nervous watching my brother play football. It is such a dangerous sport and I have seen some serious injuries on the field. I hope this helmet reduces the amount of concussions and I hope they keep improving helmets for the players safety!

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