The Dangers of Steroids


             One of the most prominent issues in sports the past decade or two, most notably in baseball, is steroid abuse. These anabolic drugs improve performance by increasing muscle mass quicker, making it very intriguing for amateur and professional athletes. Also, steroids help muscles recover quickly from injuries and overuse, allowing these athletes to rarely get tired from the rigorous duties in their respective sports.

            However, these drugs have horrific side effects. Here are some short-term examples...



-Shrunken testicles

-Gynecomastia (man boobs)

-High blood pressure

-High Cholesterol

-Liver malfunction

-Enlarged prostate


-Male characteristics in females



            For some odd reason, these athletes decide to risk personal health in order to improve athletic performance instead of relying on natural ability. There are also several long-term health issues associated with steroid abuse.



-Liver failure

-Cardiovascular problems

-Stunted Growth

-Ligament and joint injury

-Weight problems

-Neurological issues


            It is clearly not worth risking your life in order to improve athletic performance. Professional and amateur leagues have made great strides in establishing rules and penalties against performance-enhancing drugs, which has deterred many players from using steroids.



I like you blogged about this because it a serious issue among sports. A sports fan like myself cannot stand athletes using steroids. I took a speech class in the summer and I did all of my speeches on steroids in baseball and how it's tarnishing a national pastime and needs to be stopped. All sports I believe should put lifetime bans on steroid users to fully get rid of it from the games forever.

While I agree that steroids are hurting baseball, they will always be around because 1. there will always be athletes who want to gain an edge in performance and 2. people pay money to see baseball players hit 500 foot home runs or throw a fastball at 100 mph. One of the worst side affects that steroids has on baseball as a whole is that every player who played during the 90's and 00's will be questioned as to whether or not they used steroids. So a guy like Jeff Bagwell might never get into the Hall of Fame because he played during this time period, even though there is absolutely no evidence that he used any performance-enhancing drugs.

I am always confused on why athletes would chose steroids. There are so many disadvantages to them and serious risks that it always makes me ponder why people would chose to use them. The one reason that always comes to mind whenever I think of why athletes would abuse such a drug is money. People will do anything for money. A good topic to further this idea would be to research how money makes people do crazy things. This could contribute to the fact of why people would use steroids. In order to solve this problem, we could potentially give bonuses to athletes who test negative for steroids. Now this would be motivation to work hard and be natural.

I agree with all of your opinions on this substantial issue in all sports. Obviously, people will do anything in life for money, but one must weigh the pros and cons before making a decision that could affect the longevity of your life. Money does change everything in life, but I find it ridiculous that athletes put their body on the line instead of trying to make it with just innate ability. After doing further research on this issue after submitting this post I found that the majority of steroid use in professional baseball actually occurs in minor league baseball because these players do anything and everything in order to make it to the majors. What do you guys think about this?

I think that everybody above me made a good point in their comments. I want to comment on a different facet of steroid use though. We all know that sometimes athletes will do anything to gain an edge in their respective sports. However the leagues that they are all in are doing as much as they can in order to stop steroid use. Dan, I think it would be cool if you did a follow up blog post on how leagues such as the MLB are strengthening their drug policies, and busting more people than ever. There are also a variety of tests that can be used and some are more affective than other. Your blog was interesting, so a follow up would be very enjoyable to read.

All you see lately in the MLB is someone getting caught using performance enhancing drugs. I think the MLB is doing a great job limiting the use of them. I say limiting because I think that they will always be around in sports. However, if the MLB sees a unique rise in an athlete's performance, they will test them. This can either be considered ridiculous or appropriate. Of course if the athlete is using steroid it is appropriate but if they are not they feel like they cannot be too successful or else they will be blames of cheating, therefore, it is considered ridiculous. To keep all of the players in the MLB competing in a fair league, I believe that the random drug tests are good and if an athlete is randomly tested, and he is clean of PED's then it should be a compliment to their performance. Great blog post Dan, it would be nice to see a follow up like Nick mentioned.

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