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White lips...pale face..breathing in snowflakes...beautiful lyrics compliment such a beautiful melody. If you haven't listened to any of Ed Sheeran's work (you are certainly missing out), check out his acoustic performance of his smash hit "The A-Team". If you like it (which I KNOW YOU WILL) go listen his other work as well, he surely doesn't disappoint. His music is definitely an ear pleaser, soothing and rich in detail. The question is, why is it? Why does good music satisfy the brain? Why can't other sporadic noises replicate the same effect achieved by this angelic melody? It's a question I had to find the answer for. I actually ended up finding some interesting information written Lisa Grossman, writer from the NewScience blog. Her work, entitled "Why Harmony Pleases The Brain", talks about why musical melodies are pleasing to the ear rather than unorganized chimes. She states that these tones are sent by "two sensory neurons" which travel toward a third neuron which then sends the signal to the brain. If the sound is smooth and "consonant" then the tones sent from the first two neurons will reach the third at the same time sending off just one signal to the brain. If the sounds are "dissonant", then the sounds will arrive at the third at different times which makes the third neuron send off numerous signals to the brain causing disruption.


I can put it into my own perspective. The difference between college and eighth grade is that I can be much more organized and prepared for my tasks for the semester. I am given a syllabus, which outlines everything I need to do. Although all the work isn't due at the same time, I am given an idea of what I need to do at one particular point during the beginning of the semester. In eighth grade, everything seemed to be sporadic and disorganized, every week was a new assignment that I was most certainly unprepared for. Sounds like a bad example, but I am just trying to address the correlation of synchronization. If the tunes are not in sync with the brain, then you will notice the disparity between the beautiful tune above and the scratching a chalk board and trust me..there's a HUGE sound difference between these two. Stay safe, stay smart and study hard so we can all be on Andrew's A-team..grades I mean.


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I love Ed Sheeran! His song "Firefly" is also one of my favorites
I don't think all brains are in sync with his music though. Looking at albums from different genres of music, most artists have two or three songs per album that are slower with a soothing sound. Maybe it's on purpose or maybe not, but artists are pleasing brain nerves with every CD they produce! Even the loudest, sometimes unpleasing songs of Lil' Wayne were interrupted on his latest CD with his song "How to Love", which is a slower pace. Although not always as angelic sounding as Ed Sheeran, music lovers across all genres enjoy a relaxing melody!

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