Texting at its Worst

I can not even recall how many times my mother has asked me to "stop texting and put down my phone for a minute" or told me how, "back when she was younger her friends actually called each other on the phone" rather than typing on a small mobile device. I always brushed off her comments and continued on with my text message until she said something that actually scared me. She told me how my excessive texting on my iPhone could lead to carpal tunnel.


At first I was unaware what carpal tunnel even was, but I knew it sounded bad. I decided to do a simple google search on the topic which lead me to the reputable WebMD. Under the description of the causes, I learned that maybe my mother was actually right. It stated that this problem could be caused by making the same motions with your hand over and over again. But what exactly IS carpal tunnel and how will this affect me? The article told me that carpal tunnel could cause tingling, numbness, weakness, or even pain especially in your fingers. I was a bit skeptical now that such a big problem could be caused by my simple texting obsession.

Then I found this shocking video:

The girl in the video seemed fairly like the typical teenage girl to me (other than the braces on each of her arms). I also know that I have easily sent over 100 texts some days. Could this happen to me? I also found many other articles that helped me understand the danger of this issue. One of these articles I found on the ABC News website, which stated that a study done by Nielsen Research had found that the average teenager sent about 3,146 text messages each month. It also stated how doctors said this was a rare condition to find in a young adult and can only be drawn back to the texting craze.

It is amazing to think that such a simple, daily activity for most teenage girls and also boys could be so detrimental to their health. I hate to admit the fact that maybe my mother was right. Unfortunately, our generation has become so dependent on our cell phones, so I would guess that this problem has not seen its end and people will continue to text constantly, but hopefully this will not lead to the extreme case of carpal tunnel.


Teenagers must be doing a crazy amount of texting if they are contracting carpal tunnel from it at such a young age! The fact that carpal tunnel is typically found in adults ages 30-60 years old (A.D.A.M Medical Encyclopedia) and has numerous other causes such as driving, painting, playing instruments, sewing, writing or playing certain sports makes the idea of teenagers getting it seem even more crazy. Adults go through their whole lives, more than likely participating in multiple triggers of carpal tunnel, yet they typically do not get carpal tunnel until they are in their 40's or 50's. That just goes to show how much texting these teens must be doing if they are getting carpal tunnel being so young! It makes me a lot more conciseness of my texting habits.

Honestly don't even think it's just texting that is causing carpal tunnel. Technology on a whole is probably the cause. If you want to know the answer to a question, you TYPE it in on Google... Or poll it to Andrew in our case. If you want to communicate how great of a time you'll have at the Tiesto concert, you social network it to 300+ people. Based on the rate at which we have to use technology these days, no wonder the younger generation is getting carpal tunnel.

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